Boise State club baseball ranked No. 24 in the nation

Photo courtesy of Boise State club baseball

The Boise State club baseball team is nationally ranked, yet their reputation remains largely unknown.

Despite lacking the resources they would receive as a varsity team, the Broncos’ play has earned national recognition this season. 

“They released the preseason rankings and we were ranked 24th in the nation for the (National College Baseball Association),” said junior club treasurer Jacob David. “That’s the first time in school history we have ever done that, so we were very proud of that news.”

The team maintained their preseason rankings and are still the 24th-ranked team, according to the NCBA’s latest week 12 poll on Feb. 9.

[Team picture of Boise State club baseball.]
Photo courtesy of Boise State club baseball

This ranking is well deserved, as the team went 10-2 overall and 6-0 in conference last fall. 

The team also has two all-American players (second-team all-American catcher Rory Patterson and third-team all-American third baseman Mark Schneiber) and one all-Region player (second-team all-Region pitcher Thomas Durkin), giving them confidence to succeed this spring.

“This is probably the most talent we’ve had on the team,” David said. “The talent in our infield and outfield is really deep.”

The team’s first game this spring is against the University of Nevada, Reno, and they will play No. 3 Utah State after.

“There’s some good competition that’s going on early in the season,” Patterson said. “My main focus is getting prepared for those teams. If we win those series, we’re almost guaranteed to have first place in the conference.”

Although the team has experienced success and national accreditation, they are still missing one thing: peer recognition. 

“I’d say the main difference from club teams, such as lacrosse or rugby, is they’re more well known,” Patterson said. “They are more well-known throughout the campus, and they generate a larger crowd. We try to promote through our social media and put up banners in the Quad, but I feel like our presence is not as known.”

The team also cannot play on campus like other club sports because there are no baseball fields at Boise State. They have to instead play at Fort Boise Park located downtown.

“The other club teams play pretty much in the middle of campus, so somebody could be accidentally driving by and see a club game and stop by,” Patterson said.

Despite the issues they face with campus recognition, the team remains optimistic about  coming out on top because they are Boise State baseball.

“I want people to know that we’re Boise State baseball since we don’t have the varsity team,” Patterson said. “I know there are a lot of baseball fans that both do and don’t go to Boise, and I just want them to know that we are here and we are Boise State baseball.”

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  1. Jim and Mary Ellen Nourse

    We were season ticket holders when BSU began baseball again after 40+ years, then said covid caused them to drop it. We had a wonderful time watching our excellent team play. We will try to come and support BSU club baseball ⚾️.

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