New grant opportunity made available through Boise State’s Student Philanthropy Board

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Philanthropy can be confusing. The average student might automatically associate the unfamiliar term with big names like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Though in reality, the concept of philanthropy is more simple than people think. Philanthropy describes the desire to promote welfare for others through generous financial donations and support.

The new Boise State Student Philanthropy Board, located in the Alumni and Friends Center, is here to get students involved in philanthropy and bring more community to Boise State’s campus.

“I enjoy that we’re student-led,” said Calvin Doerr, a kinesiology major and one of 22 student members selected to represent the board and vote in their upcoming grant release. 

With $12,500 to give away this semester, these students are ready to hear from their peers and put the funds to use with guidance from the philanthropy board staff.

Sydney Montgomery, director of student and recent graduate programs, shared that the board wants to support clubs on campus by creating an opportunity to learn about grant writing and have the chance to receive philanthropic dollars.

[Photo of the Boise State Alumni and Friends Center.]
Photo courtesy of The Land Group

“We just want to introduce philanthropy to students,” said psychology student and board member Kerrigan Bull. “To grow the culture of giving on campus.” 

Bull and other student members of this organization are excited to listen to their peers and help assist any dreams they want to pursue, and they want to negate the intimidation students may feel when they apply.

“We are genuinely accessible and eager to get ourselves out there,” said Nathaniel Campbell, an urban studies major and member of the Philanthropy Board. “We are just students.”

Student organizations can apply for this grant to help launch their own philanthropic organizations that affect Boise State’s campus. A club can put use to these philanthropic dollars by then creating their own “culture of giving” with the help of the Student Philanthropy Board.

The board itself is near endowment, meaning it will continue to be offered year after year, sustaining the cycle of philanthropy throughout Boise State.

Created in August 2022, the students have worked tirelessly to get their name out and make sure their peers know about the opportunities available to them. Applications are open until Feb. 26. Presentations to the student board will be heard shortly thereafter. 

Madeline Gregg, a grant writer at Boise State, is available to teach students how to write the grants needed for this application process. A grant writing workshop will be held Feb. 16 for all students hoping to take advantage of the $12,500 offered by this board. More information can be found on Boise State’s student philanthropy grant program website

The Student Philanthropy Board is an exciting new addition to Boise State’s campus. With the students that run the board and the guidance provided by campus faculty, they are excited to listen to their peers and help initiate more philanthropic initiatives students may have.

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