From swing dance to Jedi training, Boise State’s abundance of clubs has it all

Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

Getting involved on campus can be hard — scary, even. As the spring semester starts and campus activities resume, many students may feel that they’re too late to get involved with something new. 

Claire Phillips, the student organizations coordinator at Boise State University, reminds you it is never too late to find your Bronco community. If anything, you are just on time.

Phillips’ office is located in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, just above Buster’s Kitchen. Students who arrive will notice it’s full of laughter and welcoming faces eager to help any and all who enter. 

It’s very clear that this is a team simply rooting for the students. Phillips is beyond helpful and knowledgeable on all things club related.

Students who stop by will have access to resources to discover all sorts of different clubs at Boise State. Philips shared a flyer that promoted just some of the clubs offered on campus, such as the Country Swing Dancing Club, the Jedi Academy Association and Dungeons and Broncos. At the top of the flyer, in bold, were the words “You Belong Here.”

Phillips explains that all clubs on campus are constantly taking new members and the spring semester is when most students begin reaching out to their desired communities. With more than 200 clubs available, you are sure to find your people. 

The time commitments are completely up to the students, and experience is not a requirement for many of these clubs. If you can’t find your specific club here on campus, feel free to make your own, Phillips says, “It only takes three.” 

It only takes three people to start a club here at Boise State, and you would be considered “founders” of whichever club it is you decide to create. The process of creating your own club is surprisingly simple and can be done online through Boise State’s website.

Boise State sophomores Bella Ramirez and Cambria Brann are already ahead of the game. Ramirez and Brann, the founding members of the Film Production Club, explained the inner workings of their organization and how simple the process of creating your own community here on campus can be. The two movie lovers were insistent on reminding students that their club is open to all who are interested, despite any prior film production knowledge.

 “Whatever you want to do, there’s a place for everyone,” Ramirez said.

Joining a club and opening yourself up to new experiences is a great way to feel more comfortable on campus and make more friends who share an interest in some of your favorite hobbies. Boise State freshman Maria Purtee, member of the Country Swing Dancing Club can attest to this. 

[Boise State students walk through the Quad.]
Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

“I don’t know what I’d do without this club,” Purtee said. “I was never a club person before.”

Purtee is an off-campus freshman who felt what many students feel when entering a new space, totally overwhelmed and lost. On a whim, with no experience, she entered the Bronco Gym and was greeted with cowboy boots, country music and welcoming faces.

 Purtee shared that at the Country Swing Dancing Club, all different kinds of students come together to dance, ranging from freshmen like her, to already-graduated students. 

Since then, Purtee has found her community here at Boise State. When asked about her experience putting herself out there, she shrugged and said, “You never know what you like until you try it.”

Purtee explained that the time commitment is extremely flexible and no experience is necessary. Experienced members are beyond willing to share their passions and teach you to dance. 

Joining an unfamiliar club is a great way to learn something new or to simply do something you love with new friends. As the spring semester starts and days begin getting longer, finding your niche community within Boise State is a sure way to end your year on a high note. 

Whether you are a brand new freshman who has always wanted to train as a Jedi, or a senior counting down the days until graduation, remember that your fellow Broncos are waiting for you.

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