Fresno State routs Boise State 28-16 in 2022 Mountain West Championship Game

Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

Boise State lost the 2022 Mountain West Championship to Fresno State in a heartbreaking 28-16 loss at Albertsons Stadium on Saturday, Dec. 3.

The Boise State Broncos’ efforts proved not enough against the Fresno State Bulldogs. 

The first quarter was a quiet back-and-forth battle between both teams. 

The Bulldogs missed a 35-yard field goal attempt wide right to close up the first quarter. 

To begin the second quarter, the Broncos went up on the board first with a 26-yard field goal by Jonah Dalmas.

The second quarter proved to be more momentous than the first. 

A Fresno scoring run began with Bulldogs wide receiver Nikko Remigios’ 70-yard punt return for a touchdown putting them up 7-3. 

Fresno State defensive back Cam Lockridge then intercepted Bronco quarterback Taylen Green’s pass, setting the Bulldogs up on Boise State’s 17-yard line.

This led to a 2-yard rushing touchdown by Bulldogs running back Jordan Mims, widening their lead to 14-3. 

Dalmas’ 47-yard field goal helped the Broncos bring the game within one score at 14-6 to close out the first half. 

Despite the Broncos offense collecting 196 yards and 111 yards rushing in the first half, they had little to show for on the scoreboard, only putting up two field goals.

The second half opened up with another field goal by Dalmas to shorten the Bulldogs lead to five points. 

Boise State then forced Fresno State to punt on 4th and 15 but ran into the teams punter, resulting in a new set of downs.

With the new set of downs, the Bulldogs scored on a 22-yard touchdown reception by wide receiver Zane Hope, furthering their lead to 21-9.

Another interception by Bulldogs’ defensive back Lockridge led to a 3-yard rushing touchdown by Mims.

Davis Koetter secured the Broncos first touchdown off a 52-yard reception. However, with just 5:17 left in the game, it wasn’t enough for the Broncos.

Despite having home field advantage and defeating the Bulldogs 40-20 earlier this season, the Broncos were unable to bring the Mountain West Trophy back to The Blue. 

The team will now wait to see which bowl game they will play in for their season finale.

[Safety JL Skinner plays against the Fresno State Bulldogs in the 2022 Mountain West Championship.]
Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

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