How men’s club lacrosse found success despite budget restrictions

Photo courtesy of the Boise State men's lacrosse team

Despite receiving minimal resources, the Boise State men’s club lacrosse team has exceeded all expectations in recent years.

The team competes in Division I of the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League (PNCLL) which is one of 10 member conferences of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associate (MCLA).

The team plays six conference games each year against a range of competitors. These opposing teams consist of Simon Fraser University, University of Oregon, Oregon State, University of Washington and Washington State. 

The out-of-conference schedule includes Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, Montana, Nevada Reno, Utah University and Utah State.

One of the most noteworthy tournaments of the season is the PNCLL.

Winning the PNCLL tournament grants an automatic qualifier to the MCLA National Tournament. This tournament consists of 16 teams competing in a single elimination tournament in Austin, Texas.

Last year, the Boise State men’s club lacrosse team won the PNCLL Championship. With the start of the new season around the corner, there are many expectations to reach.  

“The goal [for our team] is to repeat as conference champions and continue to build on our culture and further develop our young team,” head coach Adam Smith said.

Boise State men’s lacrosse is a very unique program. With the talented athletes and the standards they strive to uphold, it has quickly become one of the most influential clubs on campus. 

[Photo of the club men’s lacrosse team.]
Photo courtesy of the Boise State men’s lacrosse team

“It’s a healthy mix between allowing the boys to be college kids while still holding them to a standard that allows the team to compete at the highest level possible,” Smith said.

With the tremendous amount of success in recent years, the men’s club lacrosse team has hopes of transitioning from a club sport to a sanctioned varsity sport.

“There are always hopes in the lacrosse community for [becoming a varsity sport],” Smith said. “Nationally a lacrosse team at Boise State would speak to the growth of the sport out west and locally. I know just about every lacrosse fan, player and coach would love access to NCAA Division I Lacrosse. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not a clear path forward besides continuing to build on what we have accomplished since 1995.”

There is a great amount of support for the men’s club lacrosse team, despite the scarce funding and allotted money to the team. 

Some players are left struggling to pay for equipment, travel and club dues. The students and fans of Boise State can help the club become more successful by contributing monetary donations, attending the games and supporting the team in person. 

“It is really a great environment to be on Lincoln turf for our home games,” Smith said. “I’d even argue we have the best attendance on campus for any sport with the exception of mens football and basketball.”

The Boise State men’s lacrosse club team has been a trailblazer for the success of club sports on campus and expresses an aspiration to do so through the 2023 season.

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