The Writing for Change Journal calls for climate change submissions

Elise Ledesma | The Arbiter

The Writing for Change Journal is a digital publication for community writing and creative projects with the goal of initiating change.

The Journal’s first collection, published in the spring of 2021, focused on the theme of “Responses and reactions to 2020.” Since then, the journal has published two more editions, one focusing on “Coping” and the other on “Meditations on Teaching and Learning in the Time of Covid.”

Now, the Journal is accepting submissions for its fourth edition on the theme of “Climate Change.”

Kyle Boggs, an assistant professor in rhetoric and composition at Boise State University, is the editor and advisor for the Writing for Change Journal.

Boggs started the Writing for Change Journal in 2020 to provide the space for students to experience publishing in a real world outlet.

“There was a need for an outlet for students to get published for the first time,” Boggs said. “The Journal is an opportunity for aspiring creators to have that first editing and publishing experience.”

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Boggs emphasized that the Journal is not reserved specifically for students studying writing-related majors, and that students across all areas of study are encouraged to enter a submission.

Submissions to the Journal are not limited to writing submissions. The Journal also accepts creative works  in a multitude of formats including interviews, visual art, video, podcasts and photography. 

Juliana Rennó B, a graduate student at Boise State studying technical communication, is one of the editors for the Journal’s upcoming edition.

Rennó B believes the Journal provides a beneficial opportunity for students across all majors to share their creative projects for publication.

“Being able to experience the editing and publication process is a great opportunity,” Renno B said. “It will definitely make you stand out, being able to say you were published on your resume.”

Rennó B also shared her excitement about this edition’s topic of  “Climate Change.”

“It’s not just weather. There’s a social aspect and a health aspect and more. I think this is a topic that can draw submissions from students studying in all areas,” Renno B said. “I would love to hear what an earth science major would think of this topic, or even someone studying in the health department.”

Anyone who is interested in promoting change through creative projects and the power of rhetoric for a more equitable, socially just and ecologically stable future is encouraged to make a submission.

Submissions for the Journal’s fourth edition, themed “Climate Change,” are open through Nov. 13.

Explore past editions of the Journal through the Writing for Change Journal website, and submissions can be sent to

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Elise Ledesma | The Arbiter

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