Bullied out of Boise: Hank Bachmeier’s unlucky time at Boise State

Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

Hank Bachmeier is leaving Boise State University.

Multiple media outlets confirmed that senior quarterback Hank Bachmeier informed the Boise State football team about his intent to enter the transfer portal on Sept. 26.

Head coach Andy Avalos declined a comment about Hank Bachmeier a week after the announcement. 

To say Bachmeier had a rough time throughout his career at Boise State is an understatement. 

Bachmeier started his collegiate career as a true freshman against Florida State in 2019. Despite going 30 of 51 for 407 yards, a touchdown and an interception, Bachmeier was not well protected throughout the game. Florida State recorded eight quarterback pressures resulting in many hard hits on Bachmeier.

Taking many hits led to the quarterback battling injuries throughout his first year. He started in eight games and was sidelined for the other six.

His second year was turned upside down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the team going through an uncertain time, a down year was expected. 

The quarterback was battling through injuries again. He played against Utah State, but did not travel with the team to Colorado to take on Air Force and was not in uniform for their game against Brigham Young University throughout the 2020 season.

Bachmeier started his third year with a quarterback competition between him and Jack Sears. Bachmeier ultimately won the position battle.

[Hank Bachmeier during Boise State’s game against UT Martin.]
Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

The Broncos went 7-5 and missed out on the Mountain West Championships.

Following the underperforming season, the whole team was put under pressure to succeed this season. With Bachmeier being the captain of the team, his expectations were higher than those of his teammates.

After throwing two interceptions and losing one fumble in the first 20 minutes of the game, Bachmeier was benched for redshirt freshman Taylen Green.

Green performed well against Oregon State going 19 of 28 (68%) on his passing attempts for 155 passing yards, one interception and a passer rating of 107.2 as well as 102 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns.

After Green’s performance, fans have made it clear that they did not want Bachmeier to start for the team. Fans started to tweet their disapproval and went as far to boo Bachmeier every time he was put on the screen against UT Martin.

Bachmeier’s performance in Boise State’s loss to the University of Texas at El Paso did not help his case. He went 13 of 34 (38.2%) for 93 yards and one touchdown. This was the fewest passing yards and the worst completion percentage of all of his starts.

Boise State followed this loss with a week of chaos. The team fired their offensive coordinator Tim Plough within 24 hours of the game. Two days later, they lost their quarterback to the transfer portal.

The NCAA redshirt rule allows any player to partake in practices and not use up a year of eligibility. The rule requires the player to not play in more than four games. 

Since Bachmeier has only played four games this season, he could decide to redshirt this year and still have two years of eligibility left on his new team. 

Fans will have to wait and see “What’s Next” for Bachmeier and Boise State football throughout this eventful season.

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  1. Carol

    Good luck to you Hank, wishing you all the best! A quarterback is only as good as the offensive line, they didn’t look out for you. This isn’t all on you. God bless!

  2. Dorothy Schweer

    You were not protected by the Offensive line and hit way too many times. Good luck in your next venture. You deserve a better coach and Offensive line!

  3. Jerry

    I won’t pretend to know how a quarterback affects his linemens ability to block and protect him. Taylen can scramble, so if the line isn’t protecting, he has another option. The line’s ability to protect their quarterback and allow him to make plays seems more direct. I blame that on the oc not setting hank up for success with his schemes. I was humiliated as a long time season ticket holder and alumnus of BSU when Hank was booed and Taylon was overly cheered when sent in. This had to be embarrassing for both guys. Hank had bad breaks, many not entirely in his control. These are student athletes… not quite professionals. It’s up to the coaching staff to find the right pieces of the puzzle. not the armchair know-it-alls. Direct your frustrations with the staff and AD if you don’t like what’s going on.

  4. Paula Reedy

    I’m so sorry that the offensive line left you exposed to the opposing team’s defensive hits every season of your time with BSU.
    Thank you for continually showing up and doing your best for each and every game. I wish the very best for you and your future!!

  5. Lyra Manning

    You had a rough year. I think fans can be rough. It definitely prepares you for life and you didn’t deserve all the criticism. Good luck to you in your future. You have a lot of friends here.

  6. Andy

    The o-line was, and still is, worthless throughout Hank’s tenure. What Taylen brings to the party is the ability to run like hell when the pocket collapses 10 seconds into the play. All the best, Hank!

    1. Andy

      The average play is less then seven seconds long total. Lineman are taught they are successful if they protect for more than 3 seconds. Bachmier was unable to read defenses, stood in the pocket too long trying to find an open guy and took hits which caused turnovers and lost yardage. Bachmier has a very difficult time taking coaching obviously. Not to mention leaving the best athlete possibly in the history of Boise State standing on the sideline is coaching failure. Green had to play.

  7. Joe Giehm

    Bachmeir was never a good QB when playing against better teams…even in HS he couldn’t beat Corona Centennial…he’d panicked when pressured…he’ll not be a starter for any winning program….he’s lucky BSU ever gave him a chance.

  8. Daleblazer

    Best of Luck Hank. Sorry this article said you were Bullied, I did not see any of that. However, there was disappointment and that goes with losing games after such high expectations. Hopefully you land on your feet and get some good coaching.

  9. Gregor

    Harsin broke Bronco football & Bachmeier’s spirit. A sideline headphone QB during his playing days that was fortunate enough to ride the Bronco Headcoach Lineage – not an ideal individual to be developing a young man fresh out of high school. Bon Chance Hank.

  10. Frank

    In all the years I watched hank he was never very good. No pocket awareness, held the ball too long and slow release. I wish him the best but glad he moved on.

  11. Patrick Michael

    I’d like to point out that your headline of claiming someone is bullied and that not actually providing any examples of this happening is poor journalism and relying on a clickbait title to overcompensate for your inability to prove your claims.

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