Taylen Green leads the Broncos in a whirlwind 35-13 win against the Aztecs

taylen green
Elise Ledesma | The Arbiter

It’s officially “Taylen Time” in Boise.

Taylen Green started as quarterback for the Boise State Broncos on Friday, Sept. 30 in a 35-13 win against the San Diego State Aztecs.

This game followed a dramatic week consisting of the firing of Boise State offensive coordinator Tim Plough and the transferring of former quarterback Hank Bachmeier, and lived up to the craziness.

The Aztecs shut the Broncos out in the first half. 

After a tipped interception by the Aztecs on the first Bronco drive, the Broncos defense held them to a field goal. 

The Broncos were unable to generate points on the offensive end, concluding in another field goal by the Aztecs.

Trailing 0-6 going into the second quarter, the drama proceeded. 

A blocked punt and return touchdown by Aztec Tyrell Shavers helped the Aztecs to a 13-0 lead. 

A surprise turnaround for the Broncos as they put quarterback Sam Vidlak in for Green. 

“If you’re on the field, you’re holding the standard,” Tyreque Jones said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re on that field, you’re going to hold the standard.”

The yellow penalty flags were flying, with eight penalties for the Broncos resulting in 64 lost yards in the first half; the Broncos were not set up for success. 

taylen green
[Photo of quarterback Taylen Green during Boise State’s game against San Diego State.]
Elise Ledesma | The Arbiter

The first half concluded with the Aztecs leading 13-0. 

The second half started off strong with an interception by Tyreque Jones at the Aztecs’ own 31-yard line. 

Vidlak had a 75% completion percentage and threw for 86 yards, but it wasn’t enough to keep Green from taking the field.

Green was put back in to start off the second half, a move which proved advantageous for the team. 

Green ran into the endzone for a 17-yard rush touchdown, putting the Broncos up on the board trailing 7-13.

The Broncos were quick to overtake the lead. 

With just a seven play drive, George Holani was set up for a 12-yard rush touchdown. The extra point from Jonah Dalmas put the Broncos up 14-13. 

Shortly after, Ashton Jeanty was able to notch yet another Bronco touchdown with a dominant 32-yard rushing touchdown. This back-to-back-to-back touchdown sequence elevated the Broncos to a 21-13 lead.

The Aztecs were unable to respond. 

The Broncos came up big on both ends of the ball during the third quarter. 

Defensive efforts by JL Skinner, George Tarlas and Tyreque Jones kept the Aztecs to just 90 yards. 

While the offense, led by George Holani, Taylen Green and Ashton Jeanty, put up 296 yards in the third quarter alone.

“We’ve done things that we’re more than capable of being better at,” Bronco head coach Andy Avalos said. “We’re efficient or effective. That’s something that’s different.”  

An absolute shut-out was to follow in the fourth quarter. 

“He (Green) really showed what he was capable of doing,” Avalos said. “We knew all along that we had the right people on our team.”

Green showed impressive speed as he ran 39 yards for his second rushing touchdown of the night. The Broncos went up to 28-13.

The Broncos put up another touchdown as a result of Holani’s 29-yard touchdown rush, another Dalmas extra point upheld the Broncos’ lead 35-13. 

The Broncos wrap up the night scoring 35 unanswered points in the second half and walking away with the third win of the season.

Green finished his first career start with 153 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. 

After the dramatics of this week and the first half, Taylen Green was able to help the Broncos overcome a 0-13 start against the Aztecs and set the Broncos up with a 3-2 season record. 

“I’m very grateful for our players and our staff,” Avalos said. “The most important thing is our players, they deserve our very best.”

The Broncos are set to face Fresno State at home in Albertsons Stadium on Oct. 8 for the homecoming game.

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