On-campus jobs provide flexible schedules and valuable career experience for students

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With the new school year starting, campus facilities and departments are hiring and now is the perfect time for students to apply for a part-time job on campus!

Boise State University encourages students to take full advantage of on-campus job opportunities for a flexible schedule, helpful supervisors and valuable career experience throughout the school year.

Career Services at Boise State offers one-on-one personal career counseling, from first-year students looking for a part-time job to alumni seeking long-term career opportunities. 

These advising sessions can assist students in finding job opportunities, navigating Handshake, building a resume and networking.

Alex Gutierrez, senior associate director for Boise State Career Services, emphasizes the opportunities for connections and experience that on-campus jobs offer students.

“On-campus jobs have the flexibility to work with a student’s schedule, and that’s probably one of the biggest advantages,” Gutierrez said. 

Gutierrez shared that on-campus jobs are a great opportunity for students to not only start building a sense of responsibility and new connections, but also gain skills towards their career, as some departments offer part-time jobs that are career-driven. 

[Student poses in front of Boise State Recreation Center.]
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson | The Arbiter

“An on-campus job is a great way to get exposure to the world of work,” Gutierrez said. “Students can take what they learn in a classroom and apply that to a real work setting.”

Asna Rupani, facilities coordinator at the Recreation Center on campus, manages student employees at the REC. She emphasized the benefit of student workers having supervisors who understand the pressures of academic responsibilities.

“You’ll find supervisors and department heads that care for you a lot more than if you were to work somewhere else because we know school comes first for students,” Rupani said. 

Rupani shared that working an on-campus job has many non-tangible benefits that make the working experience more enjoyable, like working with fellow college students that have similar classes or share similar interests.

“Everybody you’re working with is going through the same thing,” Rupani said. “You’re all in college together, you’re all at the same university together, it’s a super fun work environment.”

Boise State alumni Sarah Staerns worked a part-time on-campus job with Career Services when she was a student. She now works full-time as a student organizations coordinator with Student Involvement at Boise State.

Stearns found her part-time on-campus job through Handshake, the same hiring platform students have access to now.

“I started working with student organizations through my on-campus job and just absolutely loved working with college students,” Stearns said. “I loved the vibe of the college campus, and the benefits were awesome. After I graduated I applied for the position I have now.”

Stearns credits her experience working as a student to helping her discover a new career path she was interested in, and providing her with the opportunity to work in that field.

She shared that in her experience, her superiors were very understanding and flexible when it came to school, and were very focused on her own professional development and overall success.

Carmela Culcaski, a current junior at Boise State University, worked a part-time job at the Recreation Center on campus last year.

Culcaski shared that although the pay was lower than other off-campus job opportuntities, the job worked well with her schedule and she really enjoyed the fun work environment.

“My boss was actually very accommodating about school and everything,” Culcaski said. “It’s a great job for making new friends and balancing school.”

Some on-campus jobs utilize a Work Study option, and other jobs, like working at the Albertsons library front desk, require Work Study. Work Study is a financial award based upon a student’s FAFSA and is awarded through the Financial Aid Office. 

All on-campus jobs that are Work Study optional or Work Study required will explicitly state these details in the job description on Handshake.

Students interested in a part-time on-campus job are encouraged to utilize Handshake to find job postings and apply for positions. In addition, there will be a job fair on Aug. 24 in the Quad, which will offer information for many on-campus job positions.

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