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Boise State’s Department of English announces plans to restructure

Photo by Corissa Campbell

In an email sent out on Wednesday, April 20, the College of Arts and Sciences, along with the Department of English, announced plans to restructure the department into three separate departments. 

Here are the new departments and relevant offerings: 

  • Department of English Literature
    • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
    • Minor in English Literature
  • Department of Linguistics
    • Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
    • Minor in Linguistics
  • Department of Writing Studies
    • Bachelor of Arts in English Teaching
    • Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
    • Certificate in Technical Communication
  • Program in Global Humanities and Cultural Studies (pending approval)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Global Humanities and Cultural Studies (pending approval)
    • Critical Theory Minor

“For those English majors who are on track to graduate in the next four semesters, the restructure will not delay their graduations,” said Ann Campbell, professor and incoming department chair for the new Department of English Literature. ”The departments and university will help them navigate the landscape of the new units and make sure their paths to graduation remain unobstructed.” 

The Departments of English Literature, Linguistics, and Writing Studies will be officially open in the 2022-2023 academic year. The Program in Global Humanities is still pending approval from the State Board of Education and plans to launch in 2023-2024 with a new bachelor’s degree.

Students with questions are encouraged to contact their academic advisor.

Liberal Arts Building, Boise State campus
[Liberal Arts Building on Boise State campus.]
Photo by Corissa Campbell | The Arbiter
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