Boise State football to bring back famous “throwback” logo

Boise State throwback logo
Photo by Corissa Campbell

Boise State has always been an institution that prides themselves on their “Blue Collar” tradition. Their history books within the university are written with a hint of pride. Having this tradition deserves recognition even decades later. 

Transformations like bringing back past team logos are happening at a high level these days, both collegiately and professionally, and Boise State decided to join in last fall. 

Following their famous “Blue-Turf” upgrade in 1986 during their Big Sky days, an orange galloping Bronco laid over a white and blue outline of the state of Idaho. 

The logo would lay on the Blue Turf for the next decade and be the setting for countless classic matchups before becoming a nostalgic afterthought.

The football program went through more logo and uniform upgrades over the years but recently hinted at bringing old styles back. 

Then, in a November matchup against the University of Nevada on October 2, this special logo was re-introduced. The logo was tweaked lightly with things like a thicker tail and state outline, but overall it closely resembled the one of the past. 

Boise State throwback logo
[Tyreque Jones sporting the Boise State throwback logo.]
Photo by Corissa Campbell | The Arbiter

“We knew that throwback logos were coming back and were widely popular, so it was easy for us to bring his logo back,” said former graphic design student Daniel Saline, who now assists Boise State Athletics. “This specific one is one of the most praised designs that the program has ever had. Not many programs have their mascot over an outline of their state as their logo, which makes this particular logo even more special. We feel like this logo represents that traditional and close-knit feeling for the community.“

The men and women’s basketball teams have also displayed this logo on their game shorts on different occasions throughout the year. 

The logo has been well-received by many, as fans now see many shirts or sweaters with this logo around town. 

“When this logo was said to return, I know I can speak for many when I say that it was impressive,” said sophomore marketing major Erik Perez. “My family and I have been fans of Boise State football for years, and when I told my grandpa and uncles that this logo was coming back, you could tell it hit a little close to home for them. For the program to display this classic logo meant more than just a simple uniform statement.“ 

This was a lengthy process, and many spent countless hours trying to think of a way to bring this prestigious logo back into existence. 

The athletic department and the graphic design team came together to make this redesign happen.

“I think this was good for the university as a brand,” said director of Boise State’s strategic communications department Joe Nickell. “The fans also gave us the response we were hoping for, and most importantly, I am just really happy for our design team for creating this for us. They worked so hard for us and it shows.” 

It is safe to say that Boise State University’s “Blue Collar” tradition will continue to live on for many years to come.

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