Mid-season update on Bronco softball with just four series left

Alycia Flores, Alison Seng, boise state softball
Photo by Corissa Campbell

A family culture and the ability to compete are the two concepts the Boise State softball coaching staff has emphasized throughout this entire season. 

The Broncos (31-10) are working hard to reach their goal of qualifying for the postseason, with only four series left of the regular season. 

Head coach Justin Shults summarized his first softball season at Boise State thus far. He said the team and coaching staff have learned a lot, they have played good softball, and the team needs to learn how to compete in order to reach their postseason goal.

During the week of March 8 to April 5, the Broncos were ranked No. 23 in Extra Inning Softball poll, marking the highest ranking in program history. 

Their three main pitchers have been utilized mostly this season including fifth-year Hannah Bailey, senior Sara Johnson and sophomore Taylor Caudill. Caudill leads with 106 strikeouts on the season.

Having a coaching staff that can pitch definitely works in the players’ advantage at batting practice. In order to prepare for each weekend and what kind of pitches the opposing team throws, the pitching coach Allie Walljasper and coaching staff can offer live pitching that prepares the team for the upcoming weekend. 

Batting practice each week helps the team focus on specific pitches, and it challenges the team during practice to fully prepare for in-game situations.  

“We narrow our focus during batting practice and make sure when we come to the field everyday we are focusing on specific things,” said sixth-year utility pitcher Kelsey Lalor. “We practice for if the pitcher has a really good rise ball, drop ball, or change up that we are in that mindset so we get prepared for the weekend.”

Lalor is currently batting a .377 average second to the team lead, which is held by junior outfielder Kelsey Hall batting a .374.

The Broncos will travel to Utah State for a three-game series April 29-May 1.

Alycia Flores, Alison Seng, boise state softball
[Sophomore Alicia Flores and fifth-year Alison Seng in a Boise State softball game.]
Photo by Corissa Campbell | The Arbiter

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