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Bronco Dance Club forms an inclusive community for students of all levels to dance

Photo courtesy of Christy Amstutz

College students are often faced with the tough reality of leaving behind the sport they were previously dedicated to, and not having the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. 

Bronco Dance Club is a student-run organization on campus that provides the opportunity for students to dance in college, without being a part of Boise State’s Mane Line dance team. 

“Like a lot of girls in our club, I grew up dancing in a very competitive environment with my studio and high school,” said senior integrated media and strategic communication major and financial officer Christy Amstutz. “I knew I didn’t want that pressure in college and I wanted to dance for me for the first time in my life, so I found this dance club.”

An emphasized concept of the club is the importance of inclusion. Bronco dance club is open to dancers who have years of experience or students who are just wanting to try out a new hobby.

Bronco Dance Club, 2022
[Members of Bronco Dance Club.]
Photo courtesy of Christy Amstutz

Meetings take place every other Friday and begin with stretching which leads into across-the-floors to warm-up technique and spend the rest of the time learning and performing that week’s combination. 

The club invites anyone to join their meetings where they typically train in jazz, contemporary, musical theater, lyrical and hip hop. There are about twenty active members that regularly attend club meetings.

“I want to emphasize inclusivity because anybody who wants to be there can be there,” said senior marketing major and president Jenna Sunnergren. It doesn’t matter if you have danced your whole life or you’ve never danced before, it is a space for anybody who wants to join a community and have fun.”

As a student-run club, there are officers in each position to help successfully run the organization. The officer positions include president, vice president, social media coordinator, financial officer and show coordinator. 

During the fall semester, officers are in charge of leading these meetings. In the spring semester, shadow officers begin leading club meetings to gain experience in teaching classes each week. 

“The club has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of different college students who share the same love for dance as I do,” said sophomore psychology major, vice president and social media coordinator Liberty Schaeffer. “We have all been able to bond over our love for dance which is really special.”

The club offers several performance opportunities throughout the year with their main focus on preparing for the Boise State Homecoming Parade during football season and the annual Spring Showcase in April.

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