ASBSU Update: Learning Materials Access and Affordability Committee, code changes, and more (Ep. 11)

ASBSU update
Videography by Claire Keener


Hello Broncos! This is Fenix Dietz with The Arbiter’s ASBSU Update.

For the Executive Council:

Shannon Smith, the Albertson’s Library’s Open Educational Resources Librarian, came to the Executive Council to discuss the Learning Materials Access and Affordability Task Force. 

This task force was formed by the university in order to uphold the Idaho State Board of Education’s Policy III U, which requires that universities in Idaho offer greater access and affordability to instructional materials. 

Smith met with the Executive Council to share what the task force has done so far , including trying to find zero or low cost course options that can be flagged for students to find along with an online portal for students to find affordable resources.


IESC is also working with the Dean of Students Office and Greek Life to put on Sexual Assault Awareness Week on campus this week. So keep an eye out for events being put on by these organizations.

The General Assembly and Academic Senate:

These two bodies have been very busy the past few weeks following the elections.

Resolution #6 was passed, which will convene an ASBSU Constitutional Convention with the goal of implementing new standards regarding the Fee Opt-Out policy made by the Idaho State Board of Education.

Code Change #3 was also proposed, which changes the hiring process for the Ethics Officer, having it take place after the elected administration is sworn in and updating the composition of the Ethics Officer Hiring Committee. 

Code Change #3 also updates the procedure regarding if an Ethics Complaint is filed against an Ethics Officer.

Code Change #4 was also introduced and passed to streamline the ASBSU Elections process by having candidates collect less signatures to run for office. It also removes the need to have unofficial elections results be announced in order to remove confusion about the results.

This has been your ASBSU Update. I am Fenix Dietz with the Arbiter and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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