ASBSU Update: HB 549, Resolutions #3-5, and more (Ep. 10)

ASBSU Update 10
Videography by Claire Keener


Hello Broncos! This is Fenix Dietz with The Arbiter’s ASBSU Update.

For the Executive Council, General Assembly, and Academic Senate:

The biggest news coming out of these three branches is the contention surrounding Resolution #3, a resolution that expressed opposition to House Bill 549, which would have removed the ability for students to use their university IDs when registering to vote.

Due to the amount of discussion and lack of a concrete consensus among ASBSU, President Kenneth Huston decided to not send the resolution to the members of the state legislature in order to wait on new information regarding the legislation.

An ethics complaint was filed against Huston for this action, but the Ethics Committee found that he was within his right to do so as the chief diplomat for students.

However, Huston also emphasized that his actions should not be seen as setting a precedent for the ASBSU President and the position’s powers.

Ultimately, House Bill 549 did in the state legislature.

As a result, Resolution #4 was introduced to the General Assembly and Academic Senate to repeal Resolution #3. 

Resolution #5 was also introduced, along with an attached letter, that seeks to establish a better line of communication between students and the state legislature on matters pertaining to students.

Within IESC:

The IESC hosted several members of ASBSU, including some running for elected ASBSU positions ahead of the election, to explain the IESC and its role within ASBSU.

And the Elections Results:

Adam Jones and Ryan Bernard won the positions of ASBSU President and Vice President respectively. The two received 752 votes for their Presidential and Vice Presidential ticket, or 50.6% of the vote.

Eric Kline and Kelsie Zak received 733 votes or 49.4%, finishing in a very close second place, with only a 19 vote difference between them and the Jones-Bernard Ticket.

All Associate Vice President positions had candidates who ran unopposed, with each winning between 87 and 90% of the vote.

This has been your ASBSU Update. I am Fenix Dietz with the Arbiter and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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