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Boise State track and field team continues record-breaking season

Photo courtesy of Tyler McFarland

Boise State track and field had a hot start to the 2021-22 season, and their early success would help set the tone for future competitions. 

“The way we came out this season, it lit a fire under us,” said freshman sprinter and horizontal jumper Maggie Larson. “It just reminded us how much we love competing and how much we love being there.”

Some players are finding new motivation for this season after the previous season was canceled due to COVID-19.

Larson said the team is ready to go out to set new PRs and get to a competitive level.

This season, Boise State has received five Mountain West Athlete of the Week and four Freshman of the Week awards. Larson has won one of each.

“It was really exciting winning Freshman of the Week because there’s a lot of great freshmen in the Mountain West,” Larson said. “I was a little more excited about Field Athlete of the Week because out of all the events they chose me to represent for that week.”

Boise currently holds 21 top-10 times in the Mountain West, including three number one times.  Boise has had 11 athletes set new top-five school records. 

According to sprint/jump coach Andy Green, these types of stats create new expectations for the team.

Boise State University Athletics, Mid-Long Distance Men’s and Women’s Track at (@) UW (University of Washington) 1.28.2022, 1.29.2022, UW Invitational 2022, Indoor Meet, Dempsey Indoor Center
[Photo of senior Johnathan Fields UW Invitational.]
Photo courtesy of Tyler McFarland

“Taking home these kinds of awards and accolades sets this new expectation,” Green said. “This is where we are as a program and this is what we are capable of.”

Senior distance runner Jonathan Shields holds three of Boise’s top-five times.

“The Mountain West is a prestigious conference,” Shields said. “It feels good to know your hard work is paying off.”

Boise State will look to continue this year’s success at the Mountain West indoor track and field championships. They are set to take place from Feb. 24-26 hosted by the University of New Mexico. 

Shields says he is hoping to keep a level head and is excited for what the championships have to offer.

Following the Mountain West championship is the NCAA championships on March 11. Boise State currently holds four of the top-50 times in the country, and the team hopes to have athletes competing for top scores at that meet.

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