Boise State Athletics looks to expand the Legacy Project to honor Black athletes

Bronco statue
Claire Keener | The Arbiter

Due to the long and storied successes of Black student-athletes at Boise State, Boise State Athletics is looking to become more involved in the Legacy Project during Black History Month, director of athletics Jeramiah Dickey announced Tuesday, Feb. 1.

The Legacy Project was created in February 2021 by Boise State Athletics and a number of alumni. It aims to highlight and celebrate the history of Black student-athletes at Boise State University.

“What Mike Campbell, Trent Johnson, Carl Powell and Booker Brown created in 2021 is nothing short of phenomenal,” Dickey said. “The effort they put into the Legacy Project, and their execution of it will be forever commended. They have provided us a roadmap to honor a significant part of our department’s — and our institution’s — history, and we would like to continue to do so long into the future.”

The first group of the Legacy Project is a group of former Black student-athletes who played between the 1960s and 1980s. These former students were a part of the early years of Boise Junior College, helping lay the significant foundation of the university known today.

Bronco statue
[Photo of the Bronco statue on Boise State campus.]
Photo by Claire Keener | The Arbiter

“Acknowledging this group of past Bronco student-athletes codifies a long and storied history of acceptance and outreach from the University; giving credence, through a historical perspective, to the University’s decades of commitment in recruiting all athletes, regardless of race,”  founding members of the Legacy Project Team stated in a letter.

This year, Boise State is looking to expand the membership of the Legacy Project further than the 30 original members. Boise State Athletics will use social media presence across all available platforms during the month of February. It will be attempting to reach as many alumni as possible to provide an opportunity to have their stories told.

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