Campus COVID numbers set a new all-time high

New data posted to Boise State University’s COVID tracking dashboard shows a new record-high of positive cases among students, staff and faculty.

Within the past seven days, 371 new cases were reported to the Boise State Public Health Office — five cases higher than last week. The majority were off-campus students with a reported 233 cases.

A total of 1,052 COVID tests were administered to students and faculty from the Boise State Clinical Laboratory, 171 of which resulted in a positive test.

This is the highest rate of testing recorded on the Boise State campus since late September 2021. However, It is important to note that these numbers do not include those of Boise State community members that were tested at off-campus locations.

Despite the increase in positive tests, there’s been a 1.6% decrease in the overall campus positivity rate, which is now at 16.3%. This total is still 192.13% higher than the positivity rate seen in early September following the surge of the delta variant.

On Jan. 19, Idaho’s average positivity test rate was reported to be at 38.0% by the Mayo Clinic’s COVID-19 tracking map, an all-time high for the state.

Boise State’s total of 117 isolation beds were reported at 25.6% occupancy during the week of Jan. 14, which has since then jumped to 35.0% with only 76 remaining beds.

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