Boise State men’s and women’s club lacrosse teams reflect on their fall season

Boise State men's lacrosse club team.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Walker

The Boise State men’s and women’s lacrosse teams enjoyed great success this fall. Both teams were given a first look into what the future might be like going forward.

The men’s team concluded their fall season in late October. It was a successful season, and the team as a whole made big leaps of improvement.

The team was also able to enjoy a more relaxed fall season and were not hindered by COVID-19 like the last few seasons.

The majority of the team’s players were fully vaccinated, and those who were not were required to get tested frequently. 

“Overall we have put forth an effort to get back to as much normalcy … as we can, and so far, we have done a great job at it,” said senior attack and team captain Andrew Walker.

Boise State men's lacrosse club team.
[Boise State men’s lacrosse club team]
Photo courtesy of Andrew Walker

At the start of the season, the team hosted a “Blue and Orange” scrimmage between the upperclassman and the new players on the team. It was an exhibition-style game that displayed what the team would look like prior to the season beginning.

Following these scrimmages, the players continued to grow closer, and they started to see how much potential this team had.

“The relationships that we built with each other early on in the season made it easier for us to learn quicker and be successful throughout all of our fall matches,” Walker said. “Usually getting younger players up to speed can be challenging, but with our group it is a great atmosphere to learn in.”

Quick learning shown by the new players proved to be beneficial, and it seems the men’s lacrosse program is in good hands for years to come.

In mid-October, the men’s team traveled to Montana for a weekend slate of exhibition games featuring schools such as the University of Montana, Montana State and Washington State. The games were split up, with each teams’ upperclassmen playing head to head and the younger players playing each other. 

After a handful of scrimmages between and the exhibition games in Montana, the Boise State mens’ lacrosse team gets set to make a statement this spring. The team will resume practicing Jan. 10. 

The Boise State women’s lacrosse team has also enjoyed a successful fall season.

The team had an early start, practicing and scrimmaging beginning in late July. 

They also took proper precautions and tried to go through their fall season with little to no setbacks from COVID-19 protocols. As a team, they have 100% of their players fully vaccinated. As a result, the team was able to travel out of state for matches again. 

Over the last few months, they were able to take two road trips for matchups with quality competition.  

Their first trip was to Montana, where they were matched up with teams such as the University of Montana, Montana State and Portland State. In this invitational, however, teams were not split up between the veteran and new players. There was a mixture of both, playing together. 

The team was able to go 2-1 during their trip to Montana. 

Weeks later, the team packed up and headed to Orem, Utah, to play in the Utah Invitational against Weber State, Air Force and Utah Valley.

This particular trip was the one that the team was looking forward to for months. 

“We made it a point to make sure we were playing at the highest level before going to Orem because we were going up against talented teams,” said senior midfielder and team captain Peyton Brueher. 

There, the team was able to beat three out of the four teams at the invitational.

“Our Utah invitational in early October was the biggest moment of growth for us during the year,” Brueher said. “Our morale as a team and overall connection on the field started to show, and it gave us a sigh of relief because oftentimes connecting and playing with new players takes time to adjust.” 

The women’s team wrapped up their season just weeks ago following a couple more scrimmages, posting a 5-3 overall record. 

Now, the team looks ahead to what they hope is a successful spring season. 

Practice will begin just before the week of Jan. 17.

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