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Poem: The first day of winter

Photo courtesy of Roy Post
This poem was written by Sydney Smith, a first-year biology major.

The first day of winter

In winter, the crows caw violently

As if angry with Mother Nature


The leaves shake, and swirl all around

My gaze falls, tired and disturbed,

On a young couple

Under a soft willow tree

Their world is built by

Grass stems and the roots of trees

The feeling of cotton rubbing against polyester

Of late nights and warm mornings

With a stray tint of pink across their cheeks

From the harsh wind 

Or the others touch

I’ll never know

The first snow begins to fall

The crows fly away from the frost

I follow suit

The ants continue on their minute paths

Night comes 

the sun begins to fade

And the only evidence I was there

Is the soft whistle

 As the wind blows where I used to be

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