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Boise State Athletics launches Broncos United initiative to support “interconnectedness”

Graphic courtesy of Boise State Athletics

Boise State Athletics announced the launch of Broncos United on Friday, Dec. 3.

Broncos United is an internal initiative with the purpose of supporting Boise State’s “most important asset — our people.” The initiative includes various programs and branches to grow the department’s support network.

“Broncos United focuses equally on student-athletes and staff, and is designed to be used as a roadmap to guide us as we evolve and grow as individuals and as a department,” Boise State Athletics said in a press release. “The interconnectedness of the circles [in our graphic] is purposeful, because just as no area stands alone, neither should any person.”

The initiative addresses the following six areas.

Physical Health and Wellness

Boise State Athletics hired a new full-time sports dietician in order to help maintain the health of athletes and staff.

Mental Health and Wellness

All athletes, coaches and staff members have been given suicide prevention training.

Personal Growth and Development

In order for senior student-athletes to be prepared for life after their sporting careers, Bronco Athletics created the Personal Growth and Development branch.

Professional Development

Professional development includes providing support for, empowering, developing and assisting student athletes as they pursue their professional career. Members of Boise State Athletics also participated in the Women Leaders in Collegiate Sports summit.


This was put in place for student-athletes, coaches and staff to give back to their community. Boise State Athletics hosted the #BroncosGiveBack event where Bronco athletes helped rake leaves for community members.


Boise State Athletics launched a podcast series named “My Voice, My Story” to help every student-athlete, coach and staff member feel a sense of belonging.

Broncos United graphic
Graphic courtesy of Boise State Athletics

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