Boise State Athletics announces all-time best NCAA Graduation Success Rate

Stueckle sky center at Albertsons Stadium on Boise State campus
Photo by Claire Keener

Boise State Athletics announced its all-time best NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR) in a press release on Dec. 2. This data was released by the NCAA and is announced annually for all Division I institutions. 

The latest numbers include the cohort that entered college during the 2014-15 academic year. This four-class average includes student-athletes who entered college between the 2011-12 and 2014-15 academic years. 

“I am incredibly proud of the academic successes and accolades of our student-athletes,” said Director of Athletics Jeramiah Dickey. “The young men and women competing for Boise State are doing a phenomenal job in the classroom, and the work of our department leadership — including academic staff, coaches and several others that impact this space — is elite. Congratulations to our collective team on such impressive numbers.”

The Broncos recorded a four-class average GSR of 91%. This GSR ranked second in the Mountain West (MW) Conference. 

Women’s basketball, women’s golf, women’s tennis and women’s volleyball recorded a perfect GSR score of 100%. The men’s basketball team recorded a GSR of 91% which ranked fourth in the MW conference. The football team’s GSR of 88% ranked third in the MW and tied for 30th nationally amongst Football Bowl Subdivision schools. 

The graduation-rate data is based on a six-year cohort prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education, the most recent version including freshman scholarship student-athletes that entered college in 2014. 

The GSR was created in response to university presidents wanting data that more accurately reflected the mobility of college students than the federal graduation rate. The federal rate counts any student who leaves a school as an academic failure, no matter whether they enroll at another school. The federal rate does not recognize transfer students either. 

The GSR formula removes these inaccuracies and the calculation makes a more complete and accurate look at student-athlete success.

“This year’s numbers are a record for Bronco Athletics, and records are meant to be broken,” Dickey said. “We will continue to push and continue to improve in all areas of our department.”

Team Highlights

Women’s golf posted a perfect GSR for the 16th-consecutive cohort.

Women’s tennis recorded a perfect GSR for the seventh-consecutive cohort.

Stueckle sky center at Albertsons Stadium on Boise State campus
[Photo of Stueckle Sky Center at Albertsons Stadium on Boise State campus]
Photo by Claire Keener | The Arbiter

Women’s volleyball posted a perfect GSR for the third-consecutive cohort and the fifth time in program history.

Men’s basketball recorded a program-record 91% GSR. The team has posted a rate of 86% or better for each of the five cohorts completed during Leon Rice’s tenure as head coach. Prior to his arrival, the program’s best GSR was 79%.

Football ranked third in the Mountain West with an 88% GSR.

Women’s track and field and cross country set a program record with a GSR of 92%, continuing a steady climb in which the team’s GSR has risen nine of the last 10 cohorts.

Men’s track and field and cross country set a program record with a GSR of 87%.

Men’s golf set a program record with a GSR of 91%.

Women’s soccer recorded a GSR of 94% for the second-straight year.

Women’s basketball recorded a GSR of 100%.

Gymnastics posted a GSR of 93% for the second-straight year.

Softball recorded a GSR of 92%.

Men’s tennis recorded a GSR of 71%.

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