ASBSU Update: Bronco Day, IESC opening, Finals Relief Bill, and more (Ep. 06)

ASBSU Update, Boise State student government

Videography by Corissa Campbell | The Arbiter


Hello Broncos! This is Fenix Dietz with The Arbiter’s ASBSU Update.

For the Executive Council:

The Government Relations Officer and the Government Relations Committee have been working to plan for the Bronco Day at the Capitol event sometime in January or February.

There is no specific date for the event at this time, but the event would allow for Boise State students to meet their state representatives and potentially the governor.

ASBSU President Kenneth Huston has also announced that ASBSU is working with the University Administration and Counseling services on establishing a new fee structure for counseling services in order to better address mental health for students on campus.

Inclusive Excellence Student Council:

A current IESC Officer has resigned due to personal reasons and the IESC is looking for a student to fill this position.

IESC is also assisting in creating a survey to discuss how student involvement will work within the Campus Safety Advisory Committee. This survey will allow for IESC to see what students want from the committee.

General Assembly and Academic Senate:

Both the Assembly and Senate unanimously passed the Finals Relief Bill. The bill will pull $6,000 from the ASBSU Sponsored Projects account to provide coffee and snacks for students during finals week in both the fall and spring semesters.

Thank you for tuning in! This has been your ASBSU Update. I am Fenix Dietz with the Arbiter and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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