The Corral: Boise State student section excited for live events

Boise State student section The Corral
Photo by Claire Keener

The Corral is the official student section at Boise State. They attend just about every game for Bronco Athletics, not just the more popular sports like football or men’s basketball. 

They support all student-athletes at different athletic events throughout the year, and you can find them sitting in the front row of the student section at different sporting events.

This organization gives students an extraordinary and exclusive experience when it comes to athletic events. Students are able to sit in the front row at games and start cheers that ripple throughout the stadium or arena.

Senior accounting major and Corral president Alek Rea got involved with the club his freshman year after his roommates joined. His responsibilities as president include planning events and running weekly meetings. 

The Corral gives students an opportunity to make friends, especially incoming freshmen. This group shares a love for Bronco Athletics as well.

“[The Corral’s] main goal is to show up to all of the events, cheer as loud as you can,” Rea said. “Our motto has been to come early, be loud, stay late.”

Boise State student section The Corral
[Photo of the Boise State student section, The Corral, at a recent home game in Albertsons Stadium]
Photo by Claire Keener | The Arbiter

The club’s vice president Abby Norris, a junior history and secondary education major, promotes athletic events, takes charge of The Corral’s tailgates and decorates the floats for homecoming. 

For incoming freshmen students, The Corral is a direct way to get involved with the Boise State athletic community. 

“If I didn’t join The Corral, I do not know who my friends would be because pretty much all [of] my friends are ones I met through the club,” Norris said. “You also get to meet some of the athletes and build a relationship with them … Some people think [the athletes] are untouchable but they are actually just students.”

The Corral’s goal is to hopefully have the best student section in the country. They also want to get more students involved to help expand and grow the club. For example, The Corral wants to see a greater attendance rate for the sports that may not have as many fans in attendance as more popular sports like football.

Senior marketing major and Corral Financial Officer Alex Luthy is responsible for the funding of the club. He also helps fundraise for road games and matches as well as requests funding for tailgating. 

Rea, Norris and Luthy all agreed that they benefited from joining The Corral. They have gained skills like public speaking, multi-tasking and responsibility. They also agreed that they have made a good group of friends from this organization. 

According to Rea, the energy has been good so far this season besides the inappropriate chants at the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) game. And, despite the tough loss, The Corral said that the Oklahoma State game was one they enjoyed the most because everyone in the student section was loud and cheering the whole game.

The Corral is also working on the funding and logistics for getting students to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Mountain West basketball tournament.

”The Corral is a big family. I learned to respect each other, and I get to see a value in what we do,” Luthy said.

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