Bronco club golf team caters to all skill levels, welcomes new players

Boise State club golf
Photo courtesy of Carson Inglin

This year’s Boise State men’s club golf team is a special group. Their close-knit bond makes it easy for the team to attract new players. Whether someone is a competitive or a novice golfer, the Bronco club golf team welcomes all skill levels. 

According to members of the team, each player, no matter their skill level, should enjoy learning more about golf and get the right tools to improve as a golfer.  

Senior team president Carson Inglin makes it a point to give all experience levels the tools and techniques to grow as a player. 

While Inglin and a few other players are experienced golfers, nearly half of the team are beginners. 

The team leaders expect there to be almost 30 golfers registered by the time of the first match. For at least 10 of them, it will be their first time playing golf on an actual course. However, Inglin still manages to make it work for everyone. 

“We take pride in teaching the tools to be a quality golfer, yes. But more importantly we want to build great relationships for these guys that they can carry on post-college,” Inglin said. 

Boise State club golf
[Photo of a men’s club golfer]
Photo courtesy of Carson Inglin

Inglin believes that more experienced club members can help the others grow. 

Senior Drew Rose has played with Inglin for the last three seasons. 

“Carson has become like a brother to me and this team has shaped me into a better person, not just on the course but off it as well,” Rose said. “The team really cares about one another and that tightness will stay with me for many years.”

Trevor Thompson is an incoming freshman at Boise State and recently joined the men’s club golf team. There are quality factors that led to his decision to give the golf club team a chance. 

“It was an easy choice for me. I am not a talented golfer like a few others are on this team,” Thompson said. “I am somewhat new to all things golf and seeing how open and willing to help Carson and the rest of the team are, how could I not at least try?”

The team has been practicing for the last three weeks getting back in shape and ironing out all of the wrinkles that developed over the off-season. 

The team will be heading to a course near Twin Falls, Idaho, on Saturday, Sept. 25 for a match featuring other schools including Utah State and BYU.

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