Flu shots now available at Boise State Vaccination Clinic

Flu shot flyer
Photo by Claire Keener

It’s officially October, and you know what that means. Spooky season is upon us — that wonderful time of year filled with all the spooky scary skeletons your heart could ever desire. 

Although the typical line-up of Halloween novelties is undoubtedly frightening spectacles, something else ought to give you shivers down your spine — the upcoming flu season.

Flu shots are now available through University Health Services, located on the second floor of the Norco Building. But before making that quick trip across campus, here are a few things you should know about flu shots and the spooky flu season ahead.

How much does a flu shot cost through Health Services? Most insurance providers cover the entirety of flu shot expenses. Without insurance coverage, a shot will cost $38. It’s also important to note that individuals under the age of 19 will be required to pay the $38 fee, as Health Services isn’t an established child immunization clinic. 

Flu shot flyer
[Photo of Boise State’s vaccination flyers]
Photo by Claire Keener | The Arbiter

What do I need for my appointment? Don’t be intimidated by the word “appointment.” Walk-ins are welcome! Better yet, there are only two things you must bring: your Bronco ID card and your insurance card or an alternative method of payment. 

Where else can I receive a flu shot? The Boise State COVID Vaccination Clinic, located at the Campus School building, will host a pop-up flu clinic on Oct. 20 from 8-11 a.m. Most local pharmacies also provide flu shots, though pricing may vary. 

What can I expect for the upcoming flu season? CDC flu statistics from last year reported an abnormally mild flu season likely due to collective “COVID-19 mitigation efforts” such as mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing, which also protect against the flu. However, Rush Content Hub states that the upcoming flu season has the potential to be more severe due to a prolonged lack of exposure to influenza, which may have triggered a dwindling immunity to the virus. 

Getting pricked in the arm might seem more like a trick than a treat, but with COVID restrictions gradually lifting, medical experts say that getting immunized is one of the most effective methods for avoiding the flu. 

So, ‘tis the season, Halloween-goers! Grab your broomsticks, light those jack-o-lanterns and get your flu shot today.

University Health Services 

Website: https://www.boisestate.edu/healthservices/

Phone number: (208) 426-1459

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