Boise State ‘remains committed’ to Mountain West Conference, despite hopes for Big 12

Albertsons Stadium, Boise State campus
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson

Boise State will stay in the Mountain West Conference (MWC), for now. 

Boise State athletic director Jeramiah Dickey released a statement assuring Boise State’s commitment to the MWC on Friday, Oct. 1. This statement comes as a surprise, following a Sept. 10 statement in which Dickey remained hopeful about Boise State’s admittance into the Big 12 Conference, despite their rejection this fall

In that statement, Dickey assured fans that Boise State’s future is still “extremely bright” despite not making it into the conference. Dickey also stated that Boise State has “a lot to be proud of” moving forward.

The recent statement from Dickey is in response to rumors of Boise State switching conferences.

“I have consistently stated since arriving at Boise State that our institution is a proud member of the Mountain West, but we will always do our due diligence in regards to what is best for our department and university,” Dickey said. “While our on-field successes and positive trajectory of the University have created opportunities for us, we remain committed to the Mountain West.”

Dickey reiterated his comment about Boise State’s current conference status and future trajectory.

“Boise State is committed to excellence in all aspects of our University, including our athletics programs and our commitment to ─ and investment in ─ our student-athletes, coaches and staff will only grow stronger,” Dickey said. “We will not rest on our past successes. We will continue to build upon them in order to achieve epic results.”

Although Dickey clearly states Boise State’s commitment to the Mountain West, he did not say how long that commitment will last. This still keeps the possibility of Boise State changing conferences in the future on the table.

Albertsons Stadium, Boise State campus
[Photo of Albertsons Stadium and the Stueckle Sky Center on Boise State campus]
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson | The Arbiter

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