Green Things: Sustainability and Community Garden Club

Green Things graphic, Ashley L. Clark
Photo by Claire Keener; Graphic by Ashley L. Clark

Boise State’s Sustainability and Community Garden Club is one outlet that students can utilize to learn more about sustainability and participate in community projects.

The Sustainability Club “strives to promote sustainable living on and off-campus.”

Kalli Proffitt, a senior biology major, was last year’s Sustainability Club president. According to Proffitt, the Sustainability Club acts as a “bubble” for all other sustainable actions and organizations on Boise State campus, including Trash Club, Geoscience Club and more.

The Sustainability Club is advertised to students as a more “low maintenance” organization, as they only meet once a month during the academic year. However, students can participate as much or as little as they would like.

The main aspect and goal of this year’s club is to improve and maintain the community garden, located at 1415 S Juanita St., right off Boise State campus. 

According to Proffitt, the Sustainability Club oriented its focus towards the community garden when organizers heard “through the grapevine” that the university was considering turning the space into a parking lot.

This year, Proffitt and other members of the club plan to focus on pollinators and decomposers. Proffitt believes it’s essential for students to understand the agricultural process and its role in our food system. 

“[If] the system does not function, the food will not grow,” Proffitt said.

Once the club has established a working agricultural system for the garden, the club plans to donate its harvest to the Campus Food Pantry so that students can access the fresh, locally grown produce.

Students that want to participate in the club are encouraged to connect with the Sustainability Club on Engage.

Club members will be able to help take care of the garden and learn more about sustainability.

Additionally, members and non-members alike are encouraged to visit the garden whenever they’d like. 

“The garden is a really good space for safe, social and mental interactions,” Proffitt said. “So you can go and meet up with your friends and keep a distance, or you can go and sit in the back on the bench and just enjoy the birds in the canal.”

However, visitors should keep in mind that the garden is also home to several species of wildlife and should prioritize the health and wellness of the ecosystem before all else.

“Wildlife is a huge part of our garden. We have very active insects, squirrels, birds, just all sorts of life going on,” Proffitt said. “So the entire aspect of the Sustainability Club is actually recognizing that wildlife and human interaction.”

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