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What you need to know about intramural sports at the Rec

Photo by Adam Bridges

The new school year is underway, which means intramural sports are around the corner. This provides an opportunity for students to play their favorite sport.

Intramural sports is one way for Boise State students to get involved and active outside of school. There is a vast range of sports students have the ability to sign up for, courtesy of the Campus Recreation Center (the Rec).

Coordinator of Rec Sports Alexandra Sanchez explained the process for students to participate in intramural sports.  

This year for intramurals, students must purchase an intramural sports play pass, which can be done in-person at the Rec or through the Rec website. There is a one-time $25 flat fee that allows students to play all the intramural sports they want up until May. 

After purchasing a play pass, students can go to Boise State’s IMLeagues page and register for the sports they want to participate in. 

Some sports are in high demand. The most popular among students are flag football, sand volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

“Those are the sports that we have as a league and also sometimes as a tournament because of how popular they are,” Sanchez said.

Intramural flag football at Boise State
[Photo of intramural flag football]
Photo by Adam Bridges | The Arbiter

While Boise State offers a wide range of intramural sporting options, the Rec Center also has plenty of other programs for students.  

Jared Cox, associate director of programs and communication for the Rec, explained the variety of programs offered at the center.

“We have informal recreation at the Student Rec Center, so you can just drop in and play pickleball, badminton, racketball, and volleyball,” Cox said.  

Cox also mentioned the club sports aspect that the Rec Center offers. These include hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and rugby. According to Cox, these are other big recreational activities that students engage in at this time of year.  Without a doubt, there are a lot of sports that students love, but feel to stop by the Rec Center for anything that intrigues you.  

“If you’re interested in something, just come to the Rec Center and learn more about what we have to offer,” Cox said. “But, if you want to get fit or work out, we have fitness classes. Another really popular option for students looking to do something recreational and meet friends is the outdoor program, where we have a climbing gym, outdoor trips, rental center, some team-building things as well.”  

There are no shortages of opportunities for students to get involved and active on campus

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