Albertsons Library welcomes Anders Tobiason in new multimedia librarian position

Anders Tobiason, Multimedia and USer Experience Librarian, Albertsons Library, Boise State
Photo by Claire Keener

On Sept. 7, Boise State welcomed Anders Tobiason to the Albertsons Library as the new multimedia development and user experience librarian.

Originally from Massachusetts, Tobiason has worked his way across the country picking up a Ph.D. in music theory and a master’s degree in library science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 

Now in Boise focusing on librarianship at the university, Tobiason is ready to take on his new role and become a part of the Bronco Family.

The multimedia development and user experience librarian position is brand new to Boise State this year.

“[Tobiason] will help us keep [online video] up to date and also develop new content there,” said Georgann Kurtz-Shaw, head of Instruction and Research Services.

With a large shift towards online learning and content, especially amidst the pandemic, the library sought out someone with the ability to refine and improve the multimedia content currently available. 

Anders Tobiason graphic
Graphic by Ashley L. Clark | The Arbiter

Interim Dean of Albertsons Library, Michelle Armstrong thought it was important to dedicate a position to multimedia.” 

“We needed someone with skills and time to focus on that experience,” Armstrong said.

Anders Tobiason was enlisted to develop and update pre existing programs within the library, including the Library Badges Microcourse and video content for Boise State’s various classes.

Although it is only his first month at Boise State, Tobiason already has goals planned for the library’s future. From creating a better user experience for students and staff — both online and in-person — to creating asynchronous multimedia content for easy access to the library’s resources, long-term changes will be coming to the library as Tobiason helps improve  the student learning experience. 

These plans include creating sustainable content that will not need to be constantly updated and improving user experience with open access.

“One of the things I’m very interested in is how we can create sustainable content […] and also pairing the multimedia content that I work on and help folks with, with issues around open access and open educational resources,” Tobiason said.

Kurtz-Shaw explains that the new addition of the multimedia development and user experience librarian will also work to help students be better equipped with information literacy skills.

“We are trying to focus [on] and are in discussion about how to better teach evaluation of information,” Kurtz-Shaw said.

Kurtz-Shaw is excited for Tobiason to become a part of more of these conversations about how to best help students with information literacy and have his voice join the group of librarians currently working to improve online library resources.

Although students won’t see any immediate changes, Tobiason is focused on long-term projects to improve the library experience in years to come. In the meantime, he encourages students to reach out with suggestions and feedback about improvements they would like to see in multimedia instructional content.

You can find Tobiason at Instruction and  Research Services located in the Albertsons Library or reach out via email at

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