The return of club sports: lacrosse, golf and volleyball prep for new season

Boise State men's lacrosse club
Photo courtesy of Marcus Huerta

This season, Boise State club sports organizations are determined to have a somewhat normal season after last year was shortened due to COVID. 

This season, all club sports teams will be able to travel during the school year. 

Men’s club lacrosse player and club sports manager Marcus Huerta is entering his third year on the team. Lacrosse and other club sports teams will still aim for caution this year. 

There will be a different system of testing especially prior to away game travel. This year, if a player is already vaccinated, then they do not have to be tested unless they start experiencing symptoms.

According to these athletes, club sports teams are excited to be back together and are itching to make this a more enjoyable season. 

Boise State men's lacrosse club
[Photo of the Boise State men’s lacrosse players]
Photo courtesy of Marcus Huerta | The Arbiter

For Huerta’s team specifically, 15 seniors have returned from last year’s team. This tight-knit group has high hopes for the season, but isn’t focusing on any specific challenge right now. They just want to play. 

“We just want to go out and make a statement, so to speak,” Huerta said. “There’s not one specific game we are looking towards, it is the whole season that we are ready for.”

This year, the team plans to aim for a shot at nationals which would be their first in club history. 

Another club sport that will be turning heads this season is the women’s club volleyball team. 

Sophomore and team Vice President Shannon Laird spoke about the team’s upcoming season. 

Laird said that being with her teammates again feels great, especially when they are looking towards being able to compete in tournaments this season.

Laird let it be known that her team is ready for prime competition.

“I know what kind of team we have this year and what we can do,” Laird said. “Now all we need to do is go out and execute.”

Third-year men’s golf team captain Carson Inglin said he and his team have been prepared to get the season started for well over five to six months. 

When their short season concluded at the beginning of the year, they began taking trips to local courses to get back in form as soon as the warm weather permitted. 

“I understand and respect why our season was the way it was last year, but I am somewhat exhausted with the pandemic where I am still cautious of it,” Inglin said. “Me and the team so desperately want normalcy again.”

Whether it is club volleyball, lacrosse or golf, these team members are hopeful for an exciting season.

While there are still concerns of COVID transmission, these teams are putting their best foot forward to ensure that they can still find a way to compete in a safe manner.

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