Boise State Athletic Ticket Office addresses concerns over student ticket wait times and other difficulties

Boise State athletics ticket host
Photo by Claire Keener

On Tuesday, Sept. 7, tickets for the Boise State home opener were available to students, but technical difficulties put a damper on the event.

According to students who were attempting to buy tickets on Tuesday, the ticket-buying process involved multiple hours of waiting in numerous ticket waitlists.

“I knew the ticket sales opened up at 8 a.m., so I woke up at that time to try to buy a ticket and I got added to a queue of around 150 people as soon as I entered the website,” freshman finance major Carter Hamilton said. “I then clicked on ‘Buy Ticket’ and was added to a queue of around 1,000 people. I ended up waiting for about half an hour just for an error message to pop up every time I entered something into my cart. It ended up being a really long process of clicking out of error messages and adding the ticket into my cart.”

Hamilton was not the only student having a difficult time trying to buy tickets. Many other students were experiencing the same issue, resulting in the Boise State Athletic Ticket Office Team to send out an email in response.

“Our team is working to address this issue and we apologize for your inconvenience,” the email said. “Please continue trying to access the system throughout the day as server traffic slows down. We still have plenty of student tickets available and we will work to accommodate anyone having issues.” 

The Boise State Athletic Ticket Office team later followed up with another email. 

“Our sincerest apologies for the issues some of you faced today claiming your student tickets. For anyone who has not claimed their student ticket yet, tickets are still available,” the email said. “Student guest tickets will become available tomorrow at 8 a.m., and additional emails will come later this week with details on how to access your tickets via the Boise State Athletics App.”

Boise State athletics ticket host
[Photo of a phone with the Boise State Athletics Ticketmaster page]
Photo by Claire Keener | The Arbiter

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