BREAKING: Pres. Tromp issues public health update, warns of possible temporary campus closures

Boise State University’s Office of the President issued a public health update via email to the campus community on Wednesday, Sept. 1. 

In the email, President Tromp reiterated many of the concerns made by Gov. Little in his press release from Aug. 31, including Idaho’s ICU bed shortage, the governor’s request for assistance from the National Guard, the increasing number of local and campuswide COVID cases and the limited amount of health-care resources available.

“This is cause for serious concern, as bed shortages not only impact COVID patients, but other people with serious health conditions, including heart attacks, accidents and other non-COVID related illnesses,” the email stated.

Photo of the silver B statue in front of the Administration building
[Photo of ‘The B’ statue on Boise State campus]
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Boise State campus has seen a total of 75 COVID cases since the start of the fall semester on Aug. 23. 

According to Tromp, campus COVID rates are “on track to outpace what [the university] experienced last year.” Additionally, students testing positive for COVID have reported more severe symptoms with the delta variant.

The delta variant is currently the predominant variant in the United States and has proven to be twice as contagious as the original variant of COVID-19. 

“If campus infection rates continue to increase, we likely will face temporary, rolling closures which may mean shifting face-to-face classes online or to hybrid mode, suspending or cutting back some campus-based services, delaying or canceling large gatherings, performances and athletic events and temporarily returning to remote work,” the email said.

The email also encouraged students to get vaccinated, as it is the safest way to protect against the COVID-19 virus.

The Boise State Vaccine Clinic, located in Room 106A in the Campus School Building, is open for walk-in and scheduled vaccinations Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition to vaccination, the Office of the President also encouraged students to continue to wear facial coverings indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces, per current university health and safety guidelines.

Boise State’s COVID Testing Center, also located in the Campus School Building, Rooms 107 and 109, is open Monday through Friday, and also on weekends for students who are experiencing symptoms.

“We are counting on you to do your part to keep our campus safe, healthy and open and to ensure that those who are seriously ill can get the care they need when they need it,” the office said.

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