Boise State Athletics launches new sports app for stats, tickets and more

Person holding a phone with the Boise State Broncos Athletics app on the screen
Photo by Corissa Campbell

Accessing all of the latest Boise State sports news just got a whole lot easier. With the launch of the Boise State Broncos Athletics app, fans will have several resources and features compiled into one location. 

Launched on Aug. 2, the new sports app was released just before the start of athletic events so fans wouldn’t miss out. The app is free andis available  for download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

According to the app’s creators, they had one goal: to deliver an amazing product. 

Marketing graduate assistant Amber Dalgleish, Director of Community and Fan Engagement Cameron Howard, Assistant Athletic Director Matt Thomas and many others have worked to design this app with Boise State fans in mind. 

Person holding a phone with the Boise State Broncos Athletics app on the screen
[Photo of a phone showing the new Boise State Broncos Athletics app]
Photo by Corissa Campbell | The Arbiter

“We really wanted to focus on student engagement and trying to be more active in our community by reaching out and building more connections with them,” Dalgleish said. “We tried to provide fans with the best experience outside of game days.” 

From team schedules to sporting news, the app has it all. It includes schedules and rosters for every Boise State Athletics team, a fan guide and a map featuring sporting venues and purchase locations for items such as tickets, merchandise and concessions.  

“We took everything from team rosters to fan guides and put it all in one place,” Howard said. 

According to the app developers, their favorite part of the app is the purchasing feature. Users can purchase tickets, merchandise and concessions during the game through the app.

“One really cool feature that I’m very excited about is how our app is integrated into our Ticketmaster system, as well as a mobile ordering system for concessions,” Thomas said. “You can place your order on your phone and then go pick it up. This significantly decreases the time of waiting in line and prevents you from missing out on the action, going out on The Blue or inside the arena.” 

The app also offers a rewards program for all app users. Users can earn points by attending games and events which can be used towards rewards in the app and will stay with the user until the end of the year. 

If fans save enough points, they can cash them out for prizes like gift cards, Boise State merchandise, AirPods or even a 40-inch Samsung TV. 

If fans want these prizes, however, they should save up their points quickly because top-end prizes are limited. Fortunately, the prizes refresh seasonally, so more prizes will be added that reward points can buy.  

“If you want to start earning rewards, start building them now so you can be the first to get the top-end prizes,” said Dalgleish.

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