Boise State Athletics prepares to sell alcohol at Albertsons Stadium

Boise State fans in the student section cheering on the Boise State football team in Albertsons Stadium.
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson

Roughly 50 days before kickoff, Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey announced that alcohol will now be sold inside Albertsons Stadium during the 2021 football season. 

Alcohol will be available for purchase at kiosks around the stadium and in the Fan Zone located in the northeast corner of the stadium. 

A portion of the Ford Tailgate Zone, located on DeChevrieux Field, will be reserved for pregame alcohol sales as a part of the Broncos’ Gameday Fan Fest. A “Drink Responsibly” campaign will also launch in and around the stadium on game day. 

“Our goal is to provide an elite fan experience on game day,” Dickey said. “Bronco Nation directly impacts our student-athletes and, ultimately, the outcome of games. My hope is that today’s announcement continues to generate excitement and helps us fill the stadium.”

As word spread, Boise State fans began to express their opinions towards the alcohol sales within the stadium. Some included concerns about a potential increase in rowdiness and fights due to alcohol consumption. 

Boise State fans in the student section cheering on the Boise State football team in Albertsons Stadium.
[Photo of Boise State fans cheering in the student section of Albertsons Stadium at a home football game in 2019]
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson | The Arbiter

Eagle, Idaho, resident Melissa Bradley and her husband Rod Bradley have been Boise State football season ticket holders for 25 years.

“[I am] a little bit surprised because it is a college campus, but not surprised in the sense that it will greatly increase [Boise State’s] revenues that are probably much needed after the pandemic,” Melissa Bradley said. 

In 2020, Boise State Athletics implemented furloughs and compensation reductions for all staff. The measures were predicted to result in a savings of $1.8 million for the department. 

In October 2020, former Athletic Director Curt Apsey stepped down from his role to move into a university-level fundraising position. 

“I will be stepping away from the duties of athletic director and focusing the energy on the financial challenges we currently face by continuing to advance our fundraising efforts at Boise State,” Apsey said in a press release from October 21, 2020. 

Another announcement included that re-entry will no longer be permitted within the stadium, as is the case at other top venues throughout the country.

With alcohol sales and the no re-entry rule, Melissa Bradley believes a greater number of people will be present for halftime and the second half of the game.

Rod Bradley also expressed concern that the increase in alcohol sales might increase the foot traffic throughout the stadium. He said the stands are not built for people to move easily to and from their seats. 

On the other hand, senior media broadcasting major Ryan Sieckert is nothing short of excited about the announcement. As an Idaho resident and student at Boise State, Sieckert said he believed this announcement had been a long time coming. 

“One problem the stadium has had is that a lot of people leave during the 3rd or 4th quarter and that’s when the Broncos need everyone in their seats,” Sieckert said. “I think having the ability to serve alcohol during the second half will give the fans a reason to stay in the stadium.”

Sieckert also believes this move will benefit athletics because it will potentially bring Boise State more revenue from future game days. He also suggested a way to eliminate problems within the stadium could be to limit the consumption of alcohol per fan. 

Season tickets, mini-plans, the Blue Collar Pass and single-game tickets are on sale now. Suite and lounge seating options are currently sold out. 

The Broncos will kick-off against The University of Texas at El Paso on Sep. 10 in Albertsons Stadium for the first home game of the 2021 football season.

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