Opinion: The benefits and flexibility of being a student employee

Photo by Paige Wirta

Understandable and flexible employers can be few and far between, but at Boise State — that is all you’ll find.

Walking onto Boise State’s lush and captivating campus, I was blown away by a lot of its amenities. However, nothing caught my journalism-loving heart quite as much as Boise State Student Media did. (Yes, this is also about Event Services. I’ll get there.) Student Media encompassed everything I wanted to be and do — writing, reporting, interviews, photography, on-camera experience and an educational environment to progress my skill set. 

My second semester of my first year at Boise State, I was hired as the News Reporter for The Arbiter, the student-run newspaper. In my job interview, I had asked my student interviewers if they thought it was a reasonable workload to handle as a student. They told me there would be times where it was busy and difficult, but everyone understood that we were all students first. 

I worked for The Arbiter for three years. In that time, I developed meaningful connections on campus, grew my understanding of my degree through hands-on work and was able to do all of this in an environment that understands student work, school and life balance.

From flexible schedules, interactive learning environments and a good resume builder for internships and post-graduation jobs, the benefits of working on campus are endless.

[Photo of Taylor Rico-Pekerol outside the Event Services office in the Student Union Building.]
Photo by Paige Wirta | The Arbiter

I now work at Boise State Event Services as the Event Scheduling Specialist for my last semester of my undergraduate career. (See, I told you I’d get there.) Although I’ve handled working 20+ hours and school at the same time for the past few years, my last semester is a full 16-credit, six class schedule.

During my interview process for Event Services, I laid out my schedule for them. Between the six classes, being the Inclusion Chairman for my sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, an internship with the Idaho Business Review and still pursuing my passion for writing — my schedule is tight. Even with all of the availability barriers, my employers at Event Services understood that, and hired me anyway because they believed I could handle it. We’ve worked out a schedule that is mutually beneficial.

Along with being understanding and flexible with my schedule, they have also given me an opportunity to explore another possible career path I might want to pursue in the future. They have given me more responsibility and supported me along the way in a fun and thriving work environment that fosters learning and growth in their student employees. If you are at all intrigued by the notion of working on campus — do it!

If you do not want to take my word for it, my roommate also has an on campus job at the Educational Access Center (EAC). She applied through Boise State Handshake, interviewed with them soon after and was hired a few days later. 

“I really enjoy having an on campus job. It allows me to feel more connected to the university and gives me an opportunity to be on campus more often and know what’s going on! Without it, I don’t think I would feel like I belonged at BSU. I like feeling connected to the school, especially this last year when it was so hard to feel connected to anything at all,” Delaney Beale, junior history major, said.

On campus jobs provide a way to meet new people and feel connected in an environment you will not get anywhere else; it is an opportunity to make meaningful and lasting connections.

“I think a benefit is that your boss or supervisor knows that you’re a student and cares about you as a person and your needs. They’re just more understanding of student’s schedules and lives, whereas other jobs don’t care as much,” Beale said. “I think another benefit is that my job lets me connect with students outside of class and meet people I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.”

Whether you are working in Albertsons Library, the Bronco Shop, Educational Access Center, Student Media or the amazing Event Services Department, working on campus will provide a fun, fulfilling and flexible work environment.
If you’re interested in working for Event Services reach out to us at eventservices@boisestate.edu or give us a call (208) 426-1677. Follow us on Instagram @boisestateeventservices!

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