Women’s lacrosse team bonds as they await the start of their season

Members of the Boise State women’s club lacrosse team held a rookie and vet event at a team member’s house near campus, which took place Jan. 30.

During this event, vet members of the team for more than one season were paired up with a rookie, a first-year member of the team. 

With this pairing, vets are meant to mentor their rookies throughout the upcoming season. 

Natalie Wallace, a senior on the team, explained in an interview how it feels to be a part of her last rookie and vet event. 

“This year my rookie is Bently Palic and she is a freshman,” Wallace said.“The fact that this is my last year on the team and is my last ever rookie makes me so incredibly sad. During my time on the team, I have created such special bonds with my vet and rookie that have made my college experience amazing.”

This event is quite like the events held in Greek life. In Greek life, it is called bigs and littles, but  the women’s lacrosse club team uses rookies and vets. The origins of the rookie and vet traditions is unknown, but it has been generations in the making. 

During the event, rookies are lined up facing the wall. The vets then walk in facing the rookies’s backs. On the count of three, the rookies turn around facing their vets to see who they got placed with, according to Wallace. This is meant to be exciting and allows for more of a reveal.

[Photo of Boise State women’s lacrosse team in a match from their last season]
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson | The Arbiter

Jenna Sunnergren, a senior on the team, explained why the team chooses to do the event. 

“What happens during this event is a team bonding experience, and towards the end of the night the rookies get surprised with their vet and some goodies,” Sunnergren said. 

Many girls treat their rookies to special surprises, whether it be clothes, food or little gifts. 

“This year I made my rookie and I matching sweatshirts, but mine said vet on the back and hers said rookie,” Wallace said. 

This event is held to kick off the season with exciting new friendships, first-year Head Coach Kristin Lund. 

“I do know a bit about the rookie/vet tradition,” Lund said. “Having not been around the girls yet, I’m pretty out of the loop with traditions like this, but I can tell you that I love the thought of it. Being an underclassman has its challenges and having a veteran you can turn to for help, guidance, friendship, etc. is really great.”

The women’s lacrosse club team is heading into their season after being told they are cleared to practice and play games. According to Wallace, the girls are excited to be getting back on the field and continue the traditions of vet and rookie team bonding after a long off-season of not playing. 

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