BREAKING: Boise State suspends all University Foundation 200 courses indefinitely

Boise State has suspended all University Foundation (UF) 200 courses after “allegations that a student or students have been humiliated and degraded in class on our campus for their beliefs and values,” according to an email sent by President Marlene Tromp and Interim Provost Tony Roark.

The decision to immediately suspend courses indefinitely was made by Faculty Senate leadership, University Foundations leadership, University Curriculum Committee leadership and the vice provost for Undergraduate Studies after discussing concerns brought to their attention, according to the email.

“Boise State University is committed to ensuring that each and every one of our students is treated with respect and that all have the right to hold and to voice their own personal and political beliefs. Our campus is richer and learning is made more effective because people of all backgrounds and beliefs are invited to meet, exchange ideas, and learn together,” Tromp wrote.

Academic leadership will take steps over the coming weeks to determine a way to ensure students can complete the course. Students will be emailed a purpose-specific mid-term evaluation and given the opportunity to share their experiences with the course. 

“A series of professional development sessions for faculty on fostering learning environments characterized by mutual respect and addressing bias in the classroom” will be administered, Tromp wrote.

“While an in-depth review of this course was already underway, we must be responsive to these specific allegations and ensure that this and all our courses live up to this standard of mutual respect,” Tromp wrote.

The Arbiter will update this story as more information is made known. The article was updated on March 17 at 12:47 p.m. for clarity.

Photo of the silver B statue in front of the Administration building
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  1. Its About Time

    The UF200 classes were anything but respectful if you were one of the few people brave enough to disagree with the redefinition of common words or being coerced into writing negative papers about your life and upbringing. The most ridiculous part was any sign of resistance was considered bigotry.

    Most people put their heads down and finished the class because it was apparent the cabal of woke professors and students would make you pay.

  2. Michaela

    If your “beliefs and values” contribute to the degradation or oppression of another human being, you can’t cry when your classmates and/or professor stand up for the marginalized members of their community.
    My UF 200 taught me about ethical decision making, effective research, and how to have conversations with people when you don’t agree with them and still take something away from it. It was a valuable class during my time at BSU and I am frustrated that other students won’t have this opportunity.
    It’s actually a good thing to have to learn about something you disagree with; that’s part of how we progress as members of society and learn how to make decisions. No one is forcing you to change your opinion. The whole point of the class is to show you some facts or how to find them and let you form conclusions based on current evidence.

  3. Name

    I had one of the good professors in UF200, and we mainly focused on ethics and philosophy. I heard some horror stories though. Hopefully they get rid of or fix CS-HU 130 Foundational Values as well. The class had potential, but was hijacked by a self proclaimed social justice warrior professor. Woke evangelical administrators and certain professors seem to be the core of the problem.

  4. Don't bury the lede, release the recording

    “The recorded lecture has not been released.” Talk about burying the lede. Are we to understand that a recording exists? If so, can the Arbiter get access to it from the administration or through a FOIA request? I’m willing to be proven wrong, but I suspect that one of the reasons that we’re not hearing more details is because the events would reflect poorly on the dominant campus ideology. If a faculty member publicly humiliated or degraded one or more students using language that wasn’t considered “woke”, I have no doubt that the details would have already been leaked and said faculty member disowned by the university and cancelled by the masses. If the opposite is true, the details need to come to light so that discussions might be had in the broader community.

    1. Sad

      It appears the story has been edited to further bury it. I was wondering if somebody at the Arbiter has the fortitude to file a FOIA request. Apparently not. I can’t say that I blame them. The social justice league can make things hard for people on campus that don’t fall in line.

  5. Wade

    I had to take this course to finish my accounting degree and it was painful to say the least. I just had to suffer through it because I needed my degree. This class did nothing for me, except made me resent the woke establishment that is so toxic and is so pervasive in Liberal Arts academia. It was clear that there was only one opinion allowed , and if you dared to question the woke overlords you would be shamed into submission.

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