Get to know Mane Line dancer Katelyn Kachinsky

Boise State mane line dancer Katelyn Kachinsky is currently a junior at Boise State and has been a part of the spirit squad’s mane line dancing roster sincer the 2018-2019 season. Kachinsky takes pride in her craft and loves what she does.

“A mane line dancer is a part of the spirit squad which is also a part of the cheerleading squad, but we are separate from the cheer squad so not only do we cheer games, we also attend a national competition in April which is a collegiate competition,” Kachinsky said. “We’re like the face of the university. We aren’t under NCAA rule so we are technically considered a club.”

Not only is Kachinsky a dancer on the team, but also a leader. She leads by staying true and honoring the use of the group’s motto to “protect the program.” This includes prioritizing grades, maintaining a reputation and image that sets an example, and representing Boise State’s core values. 

Photo courtesy Katelyn Kachinsky

“Being a leader to me is really important because it’s just setting a good example of being a good person, encouraging everyone through COVID. That’s a big situation. Putting your team before yourself is a really big leadership skill,” Kachinsky said. “My thing is it’s much bigger than just yourself and being a leader on the team, they look up to you and they respect you. In jobs that I’ve had personally, it’s just all for yourself. I don’t really believe in that.”

Kachinksy is selfless, firm, and hardworking, which is shown through her duties as a leader on campus.  

“We want grades to come first, we want to be a good person, we want to do what’s right. Being a leader on the team as well is to encourage the underclassman if you are an upperclassman or just each other to push through not only dance, but life in general,” Kachinsky said.

Even Kachinsky’s social connections and networking hold her in high regard. Kelsey Messer, head coach and program director for the Boise State spirit squad, was introduced to Kachinsky for the first time via a video tryout submission. While watching the performance review, Messer was assistant coach and Kachinsky was placed on the team. 

“When you think about somebody that started out maybe questioning how they mold into the team after coming from a studio background like she has, she’s done it amazingly. It’s awesome to see how she’s innovative,” Messer said.

Keely Franchini, a close friend and teammate of Kachinsky, has seen how Kachinsky puts her  qualities into practice. Franchini also  remembers Kachinsky  being one of the first individuals to come up to her and ask if she needed help with anything. 

“For instance, last year, we had the Las Vegas Bowl and we got to cheer for it and she’s from Las Vegas,” Franchini said. “I could not find a flight home that night after the game and she said, ‘Don’t worry about it. Come stay at my house. I live like 20 minutes from the stadium we’re cheering at’.”

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