Boise State continues in-person campus tours with COVID-19 guidelines

Despite a worldwide pandemic, Boise State feels they have found a safe and effective way for future students to experience what there is to offer at the university. 

To continue in-person campus tours, a number of measures have been taken to ensure the safety of students, staff and faculty. Each tour is capped at a total of 10 people, with masks being required at all times. All tours are given outside to secure the safety of students taking in-person classes. At check in, all tour participants must complete a symptoms screening. 

The symptoms screening includes a series of questions regarding health concerns. If students are experiencing symptoms before their arrival, it is recommended to reschedule the tour. 

Sydney Montgomery, an admissions counselor at Boise State, believes the university should continue in-person tours.

“It’s really important for students to get the feeling of where they could call home for the next four years. There’s a level of seeing, feeling and interacting with others that they really get the Boise State way, mentality and community that we have here,” Montgomery said. 

[Photo of prospective students and guests participating in a guided campus tour.]
Photo by Kennedy Barr | The Arbiter

Montogmery feels it’s essential to allow future students to get an understanding for where they could potentially spend the next four years.

“I think it’s important for students to have a genuine feel for where they could be potentially moving and calling home in their future. Visiting the school creates a level of confidence in their decision because they don’t have to wonder what if,” Montogmery said.

In-person tours are available Monday through Friday as well as select Saturdays. A 90-minute walking tour gives future students an opportunity to see what life would be like at Boise State. Students can also set up virtual appointments to connect with admissions counselors and learn more about campus life.

Despite the new rules and regulations, Devan Pierce, a student recruitment specialist, has found the continuation of on-campus tours to be a very rewarding experience. 

“A lot of the kids we talk to are really struggling because it’s their senior year and everything is online. For them, it’s like a light at the end of the tunnel to be excited about next year. Seeing that has been a rewarding experience for me,” Pierce said. 

Allison Ray, a future student at Boise State, spoke about her recent experience on the in-person tour. 

“The tour was lots of fun and informative because we saw all the buildings and our tour guide provided us with many details about each building. Overall, it was very safe with masks and social distancing, and my family and I felt super comfortable around campus,” Ray said.

According to Montgomery, the feedback from the visitors has been amazing and motivates the team to continue doing what they do. 

“The feedback we have gotten from campus visitors has been incredible. How thankful they are to be able to connect with a current student, ask questions and see the spaces. Especially because there are not a lot of other competitor institutions that are offering that. We are excited to continue to offer them, as safely and as effectively as we can so we can continue to offer this opportunity to parents, families and future broncos.” 
For more information about campus tours, visit the Boise State campus page.

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