Idaho moves to stage 3 reopening

Gov. Brad Little announced plans to move Idaho into the stage three reopening plan.

“When we moved back to Stage 2 in November, case counts were spiking and hospitals were bracing for the worst. Today, thanks to our collective good efforts, those case counts are much lower and trending downward. Idaho now has one of the lowest rates of spread in the nation,” Little said in a press release.

Although Idaho’s COVID-19 cases seem to be trending downward, Little suggests now is not the time to let our guards up. 

“However, moving forward to Stage 3 is not a signal to let up on our collective good efforts. Idaho has the strongest economy in the nation and the most financially solvent state budget. Let’s keep it that way. We must stay vigilant,” Little said. 

Under the new stage, Idaho remains open, but with limitations to protect lives, healthcare access and the economy. 

A photo of the capitol building in Boise.
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson

Gatherings should be limited to 50 or fewer people, excluding political or religious events, educational activities or health care events such as COVID-19 testing or vaccination centers. 

Face coverings are highly recommended and required in long term care facilities.

Bars, restaurants and nightclubs should remain in operation with seating only.

Businesses should continue taking proper COVID-19 precautions. 

Large events such as trade shows, weddings, or sporting events could receive an exemption following confirmation from a local public health district.

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