Column: Should Boise State volleyball return this spring?

As football has returned to action, it is clear that competition can take place in a manner that keeps student-athletes and the campus community safe. With the spring semester around the corner, the prospect of other sports seasons returning is uncertain. Here is why I feel Boise State volleyball should return in the spring.

By this time last year, the Boise State volleyball team had already gone through 11 games playing schools like Brigham Young University, Southern Utah, Mizzou and University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Their record at the time was 12-5 and sitting at third overall in the Mountain West Conference. This year has been nothing short of a disappointment for not only student-athletes, but fans as well. 

Volleyball seems to be one of the safest sports to go and watch. There are only 12 players on the court, who are already at a socially-distanced stance with each other because of the rotation they receive at the beginning of each season.

[Photo of the Boise State women’s volleyball team in their 2019 season]
Photo by Mackenzie Hudson | The Arbiter

The crowds are not as big as if you go to a Boise State football game, but they still tend to have a good turnout. To play, the crowd could be a select few or non at all to be safe and decrease the chance of getting the coronavirus. All-in-all, we want to be able to see the Broncos play and cheer them on, even from a distance. 

One thing helping volleyball fans move forward is hope of being able to walk into the Bronco Gym again, to hear the music and see the student-athletes warm up before the game starts. For now, only practices, workouts and team meetings remain. While Boise State volleyball is just a sport, it provides something all of us could use right now — a little bit of entertainment to keep everyone moving toward a bright spring semester.

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