BREAKING: Boise Mayor McLean outlines new COVID-19 mandates

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean held a press conference on Nov. 19 to discuss the Public Health Emergency Order, which will go into effect on Nov. 23.

The order requires face masks, limits city board and commission meetings, adds restrictions for Boise Airport access along with other unique city businesses, and proposes consequences for individuals and businesses who knowingly violate orders.

“Earlier in the week health care professionals and executives shared with me and the public the dire picture that we are in with predictions of hospitalizations doubling by December, actually tripling by Christmas unless additional action is taken,” McLean said. 

Businesses have reached out to McLean for help and the City of Boise is partnering with businesses to keep them open.

“We will hold businesses who are not following protocols, who are not protecting public health accountable so that those businesses that are protecting public health can remain open,” McLean said.

Boise City Hall, City Hall West, Boise Public Libraries, Boise WaterShed, Fort Boise Community Center, Foothills Learning Center, Boise Urban Garden School and James Castle House are some of the places that will be closed as of Monday, Nov. 23 until at least Jan. 15, 2021.

“We are impacting what we can impact, which is the City of Boise,” McLean said. “But health care professionals have made it clear that one city alone can’t do everything needed to slow the spread of the virus. So, I hope that around the valley and around the state, we will continue to see leaders step and take action to protect the health of those in our community and for those we love.”

Graphic by Jordan Barno

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