Boise State Fine Arts Program hosts 2020 fall exhibit

Boise State’s Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program has opened an exhibit at the Center for Visual Arts. The last day that the fall 2020 BFA Exhibit is open is from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Nov. 20. The Blue Galleries are the exhibition spaces of the Department of Art, Design and Visual Studies located on the first floor of the Center for Visual Arts. 

In a typical year, there are six to eight exhibitions presented. The current exhibition features work from 13 students in the BFA program. From paintings to sculptures, the exhibit holds pieces that students have submitted, and is a great contribution to Boise State’s Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program. 

Students featured in the exhibit work closely with faculty in their emphasis area to create the work that is put on display at the exhibit. These exhibits have had to adapt this year due to COVID-19, but campus visitors are still invited to attend the exhibit, which is intended to help explore understanding of current issues. 

“As the year 2020 has progressed, Boise State University’s graduating visual artists have faced many creative challenges which have allowed them to explore new and different means of artistic generation and development,” said Kirsten Furlong, the gallery director and the professor of Art 490. “This exhibition showcases a highly diverse collection of artwork which engages with a variety of social issues and centers around themes such as identity, nature, urban decay and social media interaction.” 

Wyatt Wurtenberger has five art pieces currently displayed at the exhibit, as he is currently in his last semester as Boise State studying illustration. He started off drawing, but discovered a love of painting in his high school art class. 

Wurtenberger says he gets a lot of his inspiration from landscapes in Idaho and interacting with them. He believes painting helps appreciate more deeply and enjoy places he finds himself in.

“Seeing artwork made by folks you have a lot in common with is really cool. The artists who’ve made the work in this show not only go to the same school as you, but may have also 

grown up in a similar place, be a similar age or have had other experiences in common with you, the viewer,” Wurtenberger said. “It’s fun to see what they’ve made, and it gets one thinking about the kind of art you can make, or would like to make.”

If you were unable to attend the fall 2020 BFA exhibit, they will be hosting an online exhibit as well. The Arbiter will update this story when we have more information on the online exhibit.

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