GradWell introduces ‘GradConnect’ to help graduate students with mental health

GradWell has introduced a new program called GradConnect, which is a virtual workshop service for graduate students to help them connect with students and the community to improve mental health and wellness. 

GradWell is a mental health service through Boise State that helps graduate students with their overall mental health and wellness. Boise State is one of the few graduate colleges in the nation to have a program specifically designed to help graduate students.

Graduate students are often affected by work, academic affairs, financial situations, sleep and physical health. GradWell and GradConnect provide the right resources to help graduate students succeed in school and everyday life.

GradWell Coordinator Brette Stephenson spoke about GradConnect and its importance to the university and helping graduate students. 

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“I really encourage [graduate students] to come and check it out. It’s an opportunity to connect with students around wellness,” Stephenson said. “Some really terrific conversations happen, and you can draw on the ideas of others on how to improve your mental health and wellness while you’re pursuing your degree. 

While GradWell helps graduate students by providing mental health and wellness resources, GradConnect also works with graduate students in monthly workshops to improve their overall wellbeing and provide wellness tools to students. Through various activities and motivational dialogue, students develop skills and knowledge about their mental health. Students can connect with others who share similar mental health and wellness. 

Through GradConnect, students engage in conversations about work, relationships, physical health and more. GradConnect is a free service for graduate students, and those participating in the program do not need to be covered by medical insurance. 

Graduate students are proven to have more stress, anxiety and depression than others, according to University Health Services. 

“Graduate students, in particular, were more likely to experience threats to their mental health and wellness than the general population and even the undergraduate population,” Stephenson said. “At the same time, there was a lot of data out there [saying] it was more difficult or there were more barriers, either perceived or real, to [graduate students] receiving the kind of mental health counseling, engagement or education that perhaps the undergraduate population would have received.”
GradConnect workshops will occur once a month from 12:00 p.m to 1:00 p.m. Graduate students can sign up or contact Brette Stephenson at for more information.

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