ExtraMile Arena serves as polling location for 2020 election

Ada County elections approved a temporary change of polling locations for precincts 1710 and 1711 to ExtraMile Arena on Boise State Campus. This gives students on campus and living near campus an easier area to cast their votes from in the 2020 primary election.

The decision was made in an effort to provide proper COVID-19 physical distancing measures and to allow a proper location for the precincts that needed to be covered. 

Some Boise State students took advantage of the opportunity to cast their ballots and allow their voices to be heard. 

Garret Crenshaw, a sophomore biology major, liked the convenience of having a polling location that was within walking distance. 

“It’s important for me [to be here] because I know that people who are in office are going to influence my life and my family’s life. I want to make sure America goes in the right direction,” Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw sees this as an opportunity for students to not have an excuse on why they didn’t vote in the election. 

“I think all students should vote. I have a roommate who’s not voting. I don’t look down on people who don’t vote, but I think we should all be motivated and show an interest in this election,” Crenshaw said. 

Robert Raines, a sophomore anthropology major, was satisfied with the physical distancing measures taken at Extra Mile while he voted. Raines wants students to be heard and participate in their democracy. 

“I understand a lot of people feel conflicted, but everyone should go out and vote, whether that’s going out to vote for someone who aligns with your ideals or voting for someone who won’t oppress others,” Raines said.

Graphic by Jordan Barno

Raines hopes for a peaceful Election Day and for his candidate to win by a large margin.

“I’m more scared about the backlash of whoever wins, I’m hoping for Biden to win by a large landslide,” Raines said. “Hopefully it shows the people of America want better things for this nation and really want someone who will make progressive change.”

Grant Neukm, a sophomore chemistry major, is proud to contribute to this election by showing up to vote and liked the access and ease of the location on campus. Neukm had one goal in mind when voting.

“My hope is [for a] smaller government. I think that would help us the best, but of course, we can’t guess what will happen, so we’ll see,” Neukm said. 
Students and all citizens have until 8:00 p.m. to cast their ballots. To find your assigned general election polling location, click here.

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