No fans will be allowed in Albertsons Stadium to begin the season

Boise State has determined it will not allow fans in Albertsons Stadium to start the season in a statement released Friday. The decision comes after discussions with local health authorities. 

Boise State Athletics will allow fans to have personal cutouts that will be placed in the stadium for the 2020 season. Fan cutouts will cost $50 and be available for pickup at the end of the season. 

A portion of the money made from the cutouts will support Boise State student-athletes and the Elevate the Blue fundraiser. To purchase a cutout links will be posted on the Broncos’ social media channels.

If fans want their cutout in the stands for week one against Utah State, the deadline for photo submissions is Oct. 14.

“The pandemic has literally affected everybody in this world,” said Safety Evan Tyler. “It’s a weird situation, but you just have to grow up and develop because we want to keep everybody safe, but we also want to play football. Coach Harsin always says BYOE, bring your own energy. As much as we want 37,000 plus fans in Albertsons Stadium, that is not going to happen, so as long as we bring that energy as a team, we will be very successful.”

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  1. Wayne Pistey

    I would like someone to explain to me who put the kibosh on fans attending the games. I have called countless people and I am getting nowhere. I have a sneaking suspicion it was a recommendation that was passed along to the athletic dept or the university president. So again I want to know who exactly made the final call on this. Apsey? Tromp? A committee and if a committee who voted to make the decision.

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