BSU Spirit Squad pushes through adversity with positivity

The sound of cheering fans, glowing stadium lights and teams that compete for championship titles are what the Boise State Spirit Squad cheers for. The squad is dedicated to keeping up morale and staying motivated while awaiting the spring season and future competitions. 

“We are doing everything we can to be prepared for games at the drop of a hat,” said Head Coach Kelsey Messer. “This world is constantly changing so we want to be prepared for anything to come up at a moment’s notice. My team is prepared for the season ahead no matter what that looks like.”

Even though the regular season has been postponed, members of the Spirit Squad are continuing to practice and prepare the best they can in hopes of sports making a comeback sooner than anticipated. 

“If you stay ready, you never have to get ready,” Messer said.

A silver lining in having no fall sports has helped the Spirit Squad tighten and perfect their craft. The opportunity will better prepare the squad for spring sports and the two competitions set to happen in January and April of 2021. 

The mane line dancers have been learning their performance routines, and the cheerleaders have been working on stunts in preparation for future game days. 

“We haven’t been sitting around waiting for someone to tell us ‘yes we will have a season,’” said senior Captain Rachel Banks. “Instead we have been pushing ourselves like we would any other year so that the minute we are told there is a game, there is no doubt that we will be ready.”

The team practicing and learning new cheers and routines is essential to them, and ensuring that spirits are kept up at a time like this is crucial for their morale. The members of the squad help keep each other’s morale up by staying in contact and keeping a positive attitude. 

“There hasn’t been a single complaint towards what we are doing,” Banks said. “It is a hard time but with everyone willing to work so hard with so much positivity, we have all been able to support and lean on one another.”

Keeping morale up and practicing are just some aspects that go on behind the scenes for Spirit Squad. This year the team has turned the season into one for self-development. 

“Yes, we still train to ensure we are ready for the spring,” said Assistant Coach Tiffany Brugge-McCree. “But we are also focusing on health and wellness, internal development, good study habits and volunteering in our community.”

Spirit Squad members have stepped up into leadership roles this fall, each taking on optimistic attitudes and helping out their fellow Broncos who need some extra encouragement. 

“They always have the team mentality at the forefront of their minds,” Messer said. “They are incredibly impressive, not only as athletes but as young people. I am humbled everyday by their work ethic, ability to be flexible and true desire to be their best. When people talk about their ‘cup being filled’, this program and these athletes do it for me.”

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