Fitness classes return to the Rec with new COVID-19 guidelines

With Boise State’s Recreation Center (The Rec) reopening, the fitness classes held there have resumed. However, the various fitness classes have changed location. 

Indoor classes are now being held on the basketball court with the requirement of wearing a mask. Heavier aerobic classes, such as HIIT style workout classes, are being held outside on the Lincoln Turf Field. For outside classes, participants do not need to wear a mask. 

In addition to the locational changes, the class schedule has also been reduced. The number of classes held in a day has been changed to ensure social distancing and to allow the area to be cleaned properly before it is used again. With these changes, the Rec has seen their attendance numbers doing better than expected. 

“Being able to have some of the classes outside is great,” said The Rec’s Associate Director Jared Cox. “We’ve also seen really good participation. It seems students are still wanting to get a good workout in during our morning and night classes.” 

Students have proven that wearing a mask while working out is not a major set back. The Rec has documented a difference in class participation, with more students going to the classes that require masks rather than classes being held outside where they do not need them. The most popular classes are Ab Attack, Arms and Abs, and Guts and Glutes. All of these classes are held at 4:45 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays and are indoor. 

“Wearing a mask while working out, that’s a little different, but I just think of it as an extra challenge,” said Sam Matt, junior philosophy major. “I’ve taken the Ab Attack one and the Arms and Abs class. I think I’ve taken both of those twice. I’d say both of those classes are always pretty full when I go.” 

The Rec will also be adding a new spin class on Sep. 14. The classes will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 a.m. on the terrace. These classes are starting off small with a limit of nine participants per class and are asking people to register beforehand. Prospective participants will need to go on The Rec’s website or app to reserve their spot for these new spin classes.  

The rest of the fitness classes are on a first come, first serve basis and have a limit of 20 people per class. The main reason for the reduced class sizes is to maintain social distancing guidelines. The Rec wants to make sure people can keep at least six feet from others and that there is enough equipment for everyone to have their own. 

“I wouldn’t say there are any setbacks, it’s just getting adjusted to the way the new order of things are,” said Ben Nutt, fitness instructor and junior business major. “Just making sure we’re keeping a strict capacity of the amount of people in our classes. Obviously, for a lot of our classes that require equipment we’re no longer rotating or sharing. So, we had to redesign our classes to where everyone has their own equipment.”

Since reopening, The Rec has noticed their participation numbers are still strong and people are still willing to go to the fitness classes. Instructors are hopeful about the classes and are keeping a positive mindset about the new way in which they have to run their classes. 

“Our theme for fitness this semester, because of COVID-19, is quality over quantity,” said Nutt. “So we know that we might not have the numbers that we previously had, but we’re still wanting to give the best classes that we possibly can.”

Graphic by Jordan Barno

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