What you need to know about intramural sports this semester

Boise State Intramural sports are set to kick off as early as Sept. 6. Intramural sports are hosted by the Campus Recreation, which provides referees, stat keepers and medical help for all competitors.

Intramural sports give students opportunities to participate in various sports at a competitive or recreational level. Single-day events and leagues are offered to current Boise State students and faculty, staff, spouses or partners of students and alumni are also eligible to participate if they have a Rec membership.

“Campus Recreation is working in unison with Boise State’s Reintegration Committee and Boise State’s Public Health Officer to continually evaluate what programs will be offered this fall and what modifications must be made in order to deliver those programming opportunities safely,” Campus Recreation Director Jason Hermes wrote in an email. 

For additional information on Rec guidelines, updates, intramurals, hours of operation and more can be found on the Rec website.

“While all programming activities are subject to change based on recommendations or requirements from university, state, or federal guidelines, Campus Recreation is planning to offer non-contact, outdoor recreational opportunities in which strict physical distancing and/or facial covering wearing can be maintained,” Hermes wrote. 

Only four leagues are being offered this fall, including four-person sand volleyball, softball, kickball and modified human foosball.

Junior, Criminal justice major Justin Donaghy plans on sitting out of intramural sports this year due to the selection of sports available.

“I’m probably not going to do intramurals this year. For me, it’s more because of the sport selection. I’ve played football in the past and it was fun, but I really don’t like any of the other sports. Maybe if one of my friends invites me to go I will, but I doubt it.”

If an athlete is feeling sick, has recently been in contact with someone who is sick or is showing signs of COVID-19, they are asked to stay home. Athletes participating are also asked to bring their Boise State ID card and a personal water bottle.

Requirements for face coverings will depend on the sport being played. All Rec staff is required to wear a face covering and when athletes interact with staff members, they will also be asked to wear a face covering.

In order to protect athletes, the Rec has decided to only offer sports in which there is minimal contact and social distancing is possible. This means two popular leagues for the Rec will not be played this fall: seven-on-seven football and indoor volleyball.

Rules for modified games and sportsmanship scoring will be posted by Aug. 24.

Intramural referee Nick Lopez has participated in intramural sports in the past and plans to do so again this year.

“I loved doing intramurals in the past. I met a lot of my good friends playing them. They are a great way to exercise too. I became a referee last year because I loved hanging out with the other referees,” Lopez said. “I am going to be playing and most likely reffing games again this year. We will do our best to keep everyone safe and playing is too much fun to pass up.”

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